Bluetooth sniffing on AndroidToday, we suggest learning some information about the Bluetooth sniffing on Android. It will be interesting for users that like being aware of their gadgets’ possibilities, are interested in the telecom and want to know, how to intercept the Bluetooth packets on their smartphone/tablet.


About the sniffing

If you are not familiar with the sniffing, the following information is for you.

Sniffing is a procedure of information packets interception between two devices. In our case, we will talk about pairing the devices via Bluetooth. This procedure is the most widespread in the local networks: such interception can be made at any point of the data location. This can be done in the Bluetooth network.

Usually, this method is used by hackers to steal passwords and other important data. It is difficult to perform such a procedure on Android, because there are no compatible components in mobile devices.

How the sniffing works

The traffic sniffing via Bluetooth is performed by intercepting incoming and outgoing traffic of the node from which you are giving the commands. In this operation, the key role belongs to the Host_Controller_Interface (HCI) that allows accessing to the transmitter. НСІ node connects to the driver node of the Bluetooth device that receives the data and to the L2CAP (outbound data stream).

All the information about these packages can be found in a special log file. It can be saved in the memory of the smartphone.

Configuring the data recording in the log file

To activate the registration of the information about packages via Bluetooth, you will need to perform several steps.

  1. Open the settings of the device.


  2. Choose «Developer options».

    Developer options

  3. Activate the «Enable Bluetooth HCI snoop log» item.

    Enable Bluetooth HCI snoop log

  4. After these steps, in the memory of the device (in the root folder), a special log file (btsnoop_hci.log) will be created. The system will write the data in this file.

Other application

You can use the Bluetooth sniffer on Android to use special apps that find, decode and demonstrate the information about other devices.

For example, there is an app called Signal Sniffer – Fitbit finder in the Google Play. Its purpose is to scan the network, find the available devices and show the information about them. It will not show any passwords, but only the address of the device and the level of the signal.

Information about device

You can download the program here.

If you want to intercept the data via Bluetooth, we advise to pay your attention to the FTS4BT_Wireless Bluetooth_Protocol_Analyzer». This app costs considerable money, but it can decode all traffic from the ether, sort audio, data protocols etc.

How the Bluetooth sniffing on Android works: Video

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