Wi-fi problemAndroid operating system is multifunctional, and a huge number of apps allows this shell to occupy a leading position in the market. But this system has also its defects: in this article we will take a look at what to do if wifi does not turn on android.


Kinds of problems and their solutions

There are several reasons why wifi does not turn on android tablet; however, people face with a similar when they use phones running system. So, what is the core of the problem and what to do if wifi cannot turn on android:

  • The first reason which is quite rare – wrong date and time. For clearing it is necessary to access to “Settings”, then to “Date and Time”, and to set down everything right there.

    Date and time

  • The second reason – wrong password. This problem often appears when the password has been edited, but the Android device “does not know” about it. It is necessary to access to wifi settings, to delete the network profile, to which you have connected and to reconnect.


  • The third reason, when android wifi keeps turning off, – errors in software. You can try to solve the problem by using a special utility Wi-Fi Fixer. You can download it at Google Play. It is not necessary to edit any settings in the program. Simply to download and to install. There will be information about current status in the main window


    in the tab “Known” – all devices to which ever were made the connection (Known). Then it is necessary to restart a phone or a tablet and try once more to connect.

  • The fourth reason – error in the settings. To avoid it, it is necessary to reset the settings to the factory one: to access to “Settings”, then to “Restore and reset”

    Restore and reset

     and to click “Reset” 


  • The fifth reason – installation of improper firmware. Users often prefer installing other custom firmware instead of standard one, and one of the side effects of this becomes incorrect operation of radio modules. The solution of this problem is installing basic firmware back.
  • The sixth reason – viruses. Some of the malware impede the normal operation of radio modules. The solution of this problem is scanning of a gadget by built-in antivirus (Antivirus).
  • The seventh reason when android wifi turns on error – wrong router settings. To resolve the trouble it is necessary to access to the router settings. How to do this you can read in the instruction which is in the set of the device. (Algorithm is actual for problems with home network). Next in the control menu it is necessary to select “Wireless mode settings”. In the line “channel” there must be parameter “Auto”, and in the line “mode”–“11 bgn combined”.

    Wireless mode settings

    in the tab “MAC address filtering” it is necessary to set down “off”

    MAC address filtering


If none of the above methods does not resolve the problem, then it is most likely in the module. In this case, the best way out is to take the gadget to a specialized service center (if there is a guarantee), or in the workshop. It is important to remember that serious interference in the shell in the absence of the necessary knowledge creates a risk to turn the gadget into the "brick", and then you will have to spend significant resources on restoration.

Wi-Fi does not turn on Android: Video

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