Studio appThe G-Stomper Studio is a popular music production tool. It might be used for performing electronic live concerts. This program is similar to modeling synthesizer, a polyphonic or monophonic step sequencer for your melodies. This app allows playing virtual piano keyboard or drumming, it can act as the line mixer or live pattern/song arranger.


General information about the program

G-Stomper Studio app is a powerful music production tool. It is based on samplers, synthesizers and step sequences.

This software is available in the Amazon Store for 11,99$.

The minimum system requirements include:

  • 1gHz dual-core CPU;
  • 800*480 screen resolution;
  • Android 3.1.

However, you will need more powerful device to use the application at full capacity. If the very last bit of performance is required, you can turn off the power saving functions or CPU hungry services (WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.).

How to create a drum sequence

Start with installing and opening the program. First, you will see the main window with a drum machine (it is based on samplers). On the top, there are global controls (play, stop, record, main and navigation menus, etc.).

The “View” button helps with navigating through the app’s windows:

The “View” button

Adding tune

The app provides an empty pattern, so there will be no necessity to load the sound set. Click the main menu button, choose “Load” – “Factory sound set” and pick out the desired set.

Choosing the set

If you want to download additional samples, sets or presets, press “Get more” and choose the content.

Pressing “Get more”

The sound set selects the tune for each drum track.


Each “T” button means a sampler track. You can use a scroll switch to switch from T01 to T24.

A scroll button

The “Play menu” button switches between the different modes of the track pads:

Play menu

At the bottom, you’ll find see the sequencer step buttons (from 01 to 16).

Select the track (T01…T24) and click the step buttons to toggle the steps. Press “Play” to listen to your very own drum sequence, created in the G-Stomper beat Studio.

The program has much more functions for experienced users. We reviewed only a part of the app’s features.


In this article, we told about the G-Stomper Studio app, which will be interesting for music lovers and DJs. This program can turn your device into a virtual machine studio and provides good sound quality and wide opportunities to create new tracks and do live performances. We hope that this information helps you in creating your first drum sequence!

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