It is not comfortable to play all the games on the tablet. This is especially true for the sport simulators, where you need to press only the desired buttons, but you frequently make mistakes because the buttons are not mechanical. However, there is a good solution about how to make Android games more playable and comfortable to control. We are talking about purchasing one of the Bluetooth gamepads for Android tablets, which we will describe in this article.


Choosing the right gadget

We will look at the EXEQ Renegade gamepad. According to the location of the controls, it is similar to the XBOX 360 controller, which was proclaimed the most convenient for its ergonomics for several years. You can purchase any other gamepad that you like.


This product is convenient because it can be connected to the Windows, Android and iOS via the Bluetooth 3.0 interface.

The system requirements of this gadget are the same as its analogues have:

  • Android 3.2 and higher.
  • iOS 4.3 and higher.

Note: almost any gamepad for Android via Bluetooth is equipped with a special holder, in which you can fasten the phone that is smaller than 5.5 inches. In practice, you can put a device which has a width of about 9 cm.



These devices synchronize without problems and challenges. We will show the connection procedure on the example of the abovementioned gamepad.

  1. Activate the Bluetooth on Android.
  2. In our model of the gadget, to create the connection, you will need to press «X» and «Home» and hold these buttons until you see that the LED is quickly blinking.
  3. On the phone, search for the devices and click the name of the gamepad to create a connection.

Due to the characteristics of the gamepad, you will also need to:

  1. Change the language of the keyboard to the English.
  2. Disable the EXEQ Renegade when the synchronization is finished by pressing the «Home» button and holding it until the LED turns off.
  3. Enable the gamepad again by pressing the arrows and moving the right analogue. If the gamepad is identified, you will be able to control the games from the smartphone using the EXEQ.

In the future, you will not need to perform this procedure again. When you enable the gadget next time, the phone will identify it automatically.


To use the joystick in games, you will not need to make additional adjustments. If you run the game, the control will be performed through the manipulator automatically.

Note: not every game supports the alternative control.

It is most likely that games such as races (Asphalt 8, Riptide GP, GT Racing 2), shooters, platformers and arcades will support the gamepad control.


Strengths and weaknesses of such devices


  • Precise and responsive control in games.
  • Convenient fixation of the smartphone, which turns the phone into a mobile play station in form of only one device.



  • The developers of the games do not follow a common standard in the game control. That is, in different games, the same function can be performed using different buttons. This is confusing and it makes you to get used or switch to a different kind of control.

Bluetooth Gamepad for Android: Video

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