In this article, we will introduce you a couple of applications with which you can use Android as a Bluetooth keyboard.


Which applications will we consider

Today, you can find about 10 qualitative applications that will allow you to use Android phone as a Bluetooth keyboard. However, most of them require a Wi-Fi network between devices, and this requires a router. Therefore, we will consider two applications, which are able to interact with the PC through the network and via Bluetooth.

Each of the utilities in a pair works with a server part, separately installed on your computer.

Unified Remote

This product is probably the most popular of all the programs available from this category. It is available in Google Play in paid and free versions. However, the free version with fewer features will be sufficient for the majority of users. Furthermore, you will be able to use Android not only as a Bluetooth keyboard, but also as a mouse and a remote control.

This program is available for free in the Google Play.

In order to turn the Android device into Bluetooth keyboard, follow these steps:

  1. Download and run the application on your smartphone.
  2. You will see a window with a link to the program’s homepage ( ). Visit this page from your PC, download and install a server application to your computer.

    Start Unified Remote

  3. In the main window, do a swipe to the right and select «Servers».

    Main window


  4. At this stage, the server part must be installed on your PC, and Bluetooth has to be enabled. Select the name of your computer and return to the main window.

    Select the name

  5. Further, there are two ways to enter the text from your phone:
  • Click «Keyboard», then keys will be displayed.


Keyboard mode

  • Choose «Basic Input» to open the touchpad window. In this window, you can control the cursor (as you do this on the laptop). When you click the keyboard icon, the keyboard that you use when typing SMS, will pop up at the bottom left. That is, in this mode you can simultaneously control the cursor and enter the text, which is very convenient.


Touch Pad

Keyboard in Touch pad

Tablet Remote

This program will be useful if you want to use Android phone as a Bluetooth keyboard for tablet that runs the same OS. For example, if the tablet is connected to your TV in the living room, you can manage it while sitting on the couch.

It supports the same methods of connection between the devices as the previous program, and provides the ability to manage not just typing, but also volume and display brightness; it also allows controlling the playback of multimedia content.

You can download it from Google Play.

To use this product, you should:

  1. Install it on both devices.
  2. Run it on the tablet; you will see the animated interface.
  3. Click «Setup» and select both options, which will be displayed on the screen.


    Select both options

  4. Click «Connection».


  5. lick on the image of the radar to allow the tablet to detect your smartphone (make sure that the app is running on the latter).
  6. When you will see the name of your phone on the display, select it to connect.

    Name of your phone

  7. On your phone, you only need to select «Remote» section, and then you will see the controls.


  8. To start typing, you need to press the icon «ABC» when the smartphone is in portrait mode.

    Portrait mode

Additionally, it is possible to control the device from the gamepad. To do this, flip the device into landscape mode.


How to use Android as a Bluetooth keyboard: Video

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