We offer you the information on how you can make calls on portable Android devices via Wі-Fi.We will tell you how to setup Wі-Fi calling on any Android device, as well as give the links to several programs that can help you to make calls.



As it is well known, the IP calling works via the Internet, and it is appreciated for its convenience and low cost (if you are going to make calls abroad), because you pay only for Internet traffic, but not for the conversation itself. If you have the unlimited Internet tariff, the calls will be free, if you, of course, had not connected the Internet only to call. Based on this, in order to have the possibility to call, you should configure the Internet access, and that is all the settings.

The second step in how to setup the Wi-Fi calling on Android is to keep in mind, that if you want to talk with friends or relatives through Wі-Fi for free, you have to install the same program through which you will communicate.

Applications for calls

So, we want to show you some popular applications through which you can make calls via Wі-Fi.


The first application we’d like to recommend is the well-known Skype. If you have used it on your computer, you just can transfer your account to a mobile application with all your contacts, call and correspondence history. If you hear about this app for the first time, we will explain how to start using Skype and make your first call:

  1. Download and install the application on your phone/tablet.
  2. Run it.
  3. If you have the Microsoft account (Email and password), then you can easily log in without any registration, the same goes for Skype account that stands on PC. If you are a new user, then click “Create …” at the bottom of the display.

    Skype first window

  4. The next window will be a warning that this application does not replace a usual phone. Click “Continue”.


  5. In the third window, you will need to enter your name, come up with a login (nickname), enter the password and e-mail, which you want to link your account to, and click on the circular arrow “Next” button.

    Skype registration

  6. After that you will log in your account. Next step is to add people, which you want to communicate with. Remember that they must have Skype and be registered. In the main window, click the “functions” at the bottom right.


  7. In the pop-up menu, tap the line “add people”.

    Pop-up menu

  8. In the next window, you will see the contacts from your phonebook, which have the installed Skype; you can add them by tapping the avatar. If the desired person is not present, enter his or her login in the search box at the top.

    Add people

  9. After entering the nickname, you will see all contacts with such a login; choose your desired person by its country or photo.

    Choose contact

  10. Then you need to click “add to contacts” to send a friend request. The person will receive a message that you want to add him or her and give the permit.

    Send a friend request

  11. Once you’ve added people, you can call all the people with the “Online” status. Tap the desired name.
  12. To make a simple call, you need to tap on the phone icon and then choose “Make Skype call”.

    Simple call

  13. To make a video call, tap the camera icon at the bottom left side. After that you will hear the familiar beeps.

    Video call

As you can see, the first launch will take some time, but it is worth it. We also want to mention that you can be “Online” not only via Wi-Fi, but also via mobile Internet. In addition to calls, you can exchange text messages, and send files of any extension from the document to a movie or archive.


The second program is less popular, it is called «Vіber». Unlike the first app, it was originally designed for mobile devices, and only later it was adapted for PC. It has the same functionality and is only slightly different. But many people will like this program more than Skype because of juicy interface and the fact that it does not require registration. It works with your phone number. To start using it, do the following:

  1. Download, install and run it on your phone.

    Download Viber

  2. At the first start the app will tell about its functions, click “Continue”.

    First start Viber

  3. In the next window, it requests access to the phone book. We advise you to agree with this, in order to facilitate further adjustment.
  4. Next you need to enter your phone number and click “Continue”.

    Your phone number

  5. The app will tell you that you will receive an SMS with a code that must be entered in the appropriate field. Agree with this.

    SMS with a code

  6. After that, the Viber will start. The program will find all your contacts from the phone book, which also have this app installed. Click the “contacts” (second icon at the top) and select the Viber.


  7. So, click the desired contact and tap the “free call”.

    Free call

That’s the whole procedure of making calls via Wі-Fi on Android devices. Have a nice communication.

Calls via Wi-Fi on Android : Video

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