The wireless headset is not new, and the number of people using it is increasing every year. In this article, we will look at how to make a call via Bluetooth on Android.


Setting up the device

To make calls via Bluetooth, you must perform these actions:

  1. In the main menu of your smartphone, go to “Applications” by clicking the corresponding icon.


  2. Tap the “Settings” icon.


  3. Press «Bluetooth».


  4. Move the slider to the active mode to enable this function.

    Bluetooth on

  5. Activate the visible mode by ticking the line “Make phone visible”.

    Visible on

  6. Turn on the headset by doing a long press of the power button. If the indicator lights up, then the device is active and can be used.
  7. To make pairing, you need to find the device on the smartphone, which we want to connect to. To do this, tap “Search for devices”.


  8. In the list of available devices, select the desired one by clicking on its name.


  9. You may need to enter the PIN-code, depending on the model. It can be found in the instructions to the device, but as usual, it is 0000.
  10. Then the connection will be created; you will need to wait a few seconds.


  11. The pairing is completed successfully, if you see the word “Connected” under the name of your headset in the “Paired devices”.


To make a call, go to the phone book and dial the number – the signal will go to the headset. In addition, when the device is connected to the phone, you can answer an incoming call by pressing the button on the headset and use it to talk.

Skype calls via the headset

If you are communicating using the Skype, you can use a headset for your convenience: it will improve the quality of the conversation and add comfort.

In order to make calls from your smartphone using this device, you will need to install the “Skype for Android with Bluetooth” utility.

On your smartphone, you must perform these actions:

  1. Go to the Google Play.

    Google play

  2. In the search bar, type: Skype.


  3. Tap the application icon, click “Install”. Also, the application is available for downloading via the link.



  4. To start, press “Open”.


  5. If you have an account, click “Skype Name”.


  6. If you have not registered, select “Create account” and make a registration. After that, go back to the step 5.


  7. Enter your username in the “Username”.


  8. Enter the password in the “Password”.


  9. Click the arrow to open the program.

    Click the arrow

  10. Wait a few seconds to log in.


To make a Skype call using the Bluetooth for Android, you should do the following:

  1. Pair the smartphone and headset, as described above.
  2. Start Skype by clicking the icon.


  3. Go to the “People”.


  4. Select the desired contact and click “Make a call”.


  5. Wait for the connection to happen.


  6. Click the specified icon that allows turning the speaker off or switching to the headset.


  7. Make sure that the icon has changed and the signal has gone to the wireless device.


Call Recording

Sometimes it would be very helpful to record conversations on Android via Bluetooth, to save an important call.

To do this:

  1. Go to the Google Play.


  2. In the search bar, type “in call recorder”, and you will see a list with a large number of applications: all of them are suitable for recording, but we will look at the utility “Automatic Call recorder“.

    In call recorder

  3. Tap “Install”.

    Install app

  4. Agree with the requirements by clicking “Accept”.

    Accept app

  5. To start, click “Open”.

    Open app

  6. Choose a theme and press “Next”.


  7. Set the convenient parameters and click “Done”.


  8. You will go to the “Recordings” menu, which will store the recorded conversations.


  9. Go to the phone book or dial the number you want, and then press “Call”.


  10. During a call and the conversation, the recording will occur automatically. This is evidenced by the red mark at the top of the screen.


  11. To listen to the conversation, go to the “Recordings”, you will see the name of the caller and the call duration; click it.


  12. To listen to the recording, press “Play”.


  13. Listen to it.


The call via Bluetooth on Android: Video

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