Bluetooth IntercomIn this article, we will talk about the «Intercom» app for Android that works via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Its main idea is to turn your phone into a wireless radio set that will allow several people to communicate simultaneously.


Why it can be useful

This program can be useful in the situations that we will describe.

  1. As the developers say, this app can be successfully used by bikers during the long trip in the column. In this case, all participants of the column, who are within 50 – 100 meters from each other, can communicate if they connected the Bluetooth headset to their smartphone (it is more convenient).
  2. If we use the wireless headset, this app can be useful in the noisy places (on the construction site etc.). In this case, the interlocutors can communicate without having to shout if being 50 meters apart. No fee will be taken from your phone account, because only the Bluetooth signal will be used for the conversation.
  3. People who have small children can turn two smartphones into the baby monitor. They will only need to activate the app on both devices, and then they will always be aware of the child’s activity.

The ideas of using the Bluetooth Intercom app for Android are not limited to the abovementioned ones. Everything depends on your fantasy and your needs. Maybe you will find other application of this program based on your needs.


The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play.

  1. All the following actions must be performed on every device that you will install the app on.
  2. Make sure that the Bluetooth is enabled on the device.Open the app. 

    Start the app

  3. Click «Add Device» to choose the interlocutor.

    Add device

  4. Press «Bluetooth».


  5. In the list of the devices, select the name of the device that you want to communicate with. Repeat these actions for other devices that you want to start the conversation.

    Choose contact

After this, the initial setting is finished. The sound between devices will be transmitted automatically. Everything that will be received by your phone’s microphone will be transmitted to the dynamics of other devices that were connected using this program, and vice versa.

Exact setting

The functionality of the app is not limited, and if you need further setting of the program to fit your needs, we suggest learning about more precise settings.

In order to activate the configuration, you will need to press the sliders icon on the main screen. It is located in the top right corner of the screen.

Open settings

In the window that opens, you can change the following parameters:

  1. «Voice sensibility» – this area is responsible for changing the sensitivity of the device’s microphone. You can increase it by moving the slider to the right or decrease it by moving the slider to the left

    Voice sensibility

  2. «Push to talk» – if you activate it, a big button will appear in the main window. It will allow transmitting the sound from the microphone only when you press the button.

    Push to Talk

    This function will be useful for people who do not want all the sounds to be transmitted to the interlocutors, but only when they press the appropriate button.

    Push to Talk

  3. «Voice detection sounds» is a filter that can mute all the extraneous sounds, trying to catch only the voice of the speaker.

    Voice detection sounds

  4. «Sound effect volume» is responsible for enhancement or reduction of the filter that was mentioned in the previous paragraph.

    Sound effect volume

In addition, the program has the extra menu. To enter it, press «Advanced».


  1. «Recording frequency» has several prepared values that are responsible for the quality of the sound. Try choosing different options and select the best quality for you.

    Recording frequency

  2. «Recording buffer» – I some cases, this function can solve problems with the recording.

    Recording buffer

  3. «Audio CODEC» – this block has the available codecs recording for your device. Some codecs can have better recording quality, so we advise to check the quality of every codec and choose the best one.

    Audio CODEC

We described all the settings of this program. We hope that we managed to help you. Have a nice conversation.

The Intercom app that turns your smartphone into the Bluetooth radio set: Video

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