Bluetooth FM radio for AndroidToday, we will share information on how you can listen to Bluetooth FM radio for Android devices on the headset.


Why our method is useful

In almost all modern smartphones, you can listen to the FM radio only with the wired headset, because the headphones act as an antenna. If they are not inserted in the socket, the system simply blocks the launch of the program. Based on this, if you just connect a headset, Bluetooth FM receiver on Android will not be able to work, because it works only with the wire. We want to tell the method that will give the opportunity to listen to the radio using your wireless headset.

Method 1

This option is ideal for devices that have a standard function for listening to the radio. Yet, the presence of a wired headset will also be necessary. The main thing is that you will be using the standard FM Radio app for Android. Wired earphones will serve as an antenna, and the sound output will be broadcasted via Bluetooth using a third-party program. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Connect a wireless headset to the device.
  2. The default sound of the radio program will go to a wired headset, so in order to avoid it I advise to download and run «MonoBluetoothRouter» app. The application is suitable for any type and firm of the device, and it will redirect all the sounds to the wireless headset. If you have a stereo headset, then it is possible that the phone will redirect the entire multimedia stereo to it.
  3. Press «On» and hide the window.

    Bluetooth Router

  4. Insert the plug into the microjack3.5 socket.
  5. Open the standard radio listening program.


After these steps, do everything as usual, and all the sound will be transmitted viaBluetooth.

Method 2

Now we will show you how to listen to FM radio via Bluetooth headset on Android, if you have a firmware without standard FM radio function. This option will also allow listening the FM radio on Android via Bluetooth headset without the need of having a connectionto the microjack3.5. However, it does not work on all smartphones.

Follow steps 1 to 3 of the previous method.

  1. Download and launch the app «Spirit1:RealFMRadio» from the GooglePlay (it is paid), or find it on the Internet forums for no charge.
  2. After the start, click on the wrench icon.

    Click on the wrench icon

  3. Choose «Settings».


  4. Go to «Audio».


  5. Then, you need to select the preset settings for your device in the «Method» (try to find your phone model or to experiment with similar models in order to provide proper operation), and return to the main window.



  6. If you hear a hissing sound in the headphones, the chosen method is working properly on the device. Then, you can tune the radio wave using the keys located on the sides of the informational key with the given frequency.


Note: depending on the method and model of the phone, the application will be able to catch the radio stations correctly only with wired headphones, so you will hear hissing at all frequencies without them.

Bluetooth FM radio for Android: Video

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