Send music via Bluetooth on AndroidDespite the fact that operating systems such as iOS and Windows Phone use Bluetooth technology exclusively to connect gadgets, owners of devices based on the operating system from Google still have the ability to transfer files. Today, we will talk about how to send music via Bluetooth on Android.


How it works

You can send documents, photos, video, audio, and other data types using Bluetooth. You can send data in a standard way or use third-party applications. You will need to enable the wireless connection on devices, pair them and then transfer the data. Now, we will describe how to do this.

Standard method

Most often, you have to send the media, namely audio and images. Let us take a closer look at how to transfer music from Android to Android via Bluetooth.

Since it is not always convenient to install a new application for data sharing, let us examine how to transfer music via Bluetooth on Android using the standard method.

Turning on the wireless module on the gadget that will receive the track:

  1. Go to the settings of the phone.
  2. Click «Bluetooth».


  3. Move the slider to the active state.

    Bluetooth On

  4. Wait a few seconds until the module turns on.


  5. Make sure that there is a tick in front of the name of your smartphone. This means that other devices can detect you.


Actions on the smartphone that will transfer the track:

  1. Go to the standard “Music” application.


  2. Make a long tap on the title of the song.


  3. In the menu that appears, press “Share”.


    Select the way in which the transfer will take place. In our case, select Bluetooth.

    Select Bluetooth

    Allow the gadget to use wireless transmission – press “Yes”.


  4. Wait a few seconds until the module is activated.
  5. Click “Search for devices”.

    Search for devices

  6. In the “Available devices”, select the required one.

    Available devices

  7. On the second smartphone, confirm data transfer and press “Accept”.


  8. The transfer will happen.


Today we have found out that it is very fast and simple to send audio using Bluetooth for Android.

How to send music via Bluetooth on Android easily: Video

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