How to send files via Bluetooth on AndroidThis article will be useful for people, who have recently started to use Android device or decided to use more of its useful features. We will tell you how to transfer files via Bluetooth on Android from the gallery or file manager.


The comfortability of Bluetooth

If you decided to share some files from your smartphone or tablet, the easiest way to do this is via the Bluetooth module. Almost all gadgets support this method of file sharing, and such a procedure is carried out in just a couple of clicks.

Now we will show how to send files via Bluetooth from different applications.

While writing this article, we used Android 6.0.1 device with a stock photo gallery. If you have another Android version or you use the program with a different design, do not worry. The principle will be the same everywhere. You will have to find similar buttons, and everything will work.

Sending files from the gallery

Let us consider how to send files via Bluetooth on Android via standard program for viewing photos and videos.

  1. Open the gallery.


  2. Open the image or video you want to send.
  3. Press the «Share» button, which looks like three nodes.


  4. In the pop-up menu, click «Bluetooth».


    If the wireless module was not previously enabled, you will see the message saying that it is necessary to turn it on. Confirm this action.


    Next, you will see the window with the search bar, where the available devices will be displayed. Press the name of the device, to which you want to send the file via Bluetooth on Android.

    Press the name of the device

It may happen, that after the sixth paragraph the data will not be sent, and you will see the «not sent» message. This is because some devices do not accept files from unknown sources (the so-called protection). For successful sending, you will need to pair the devices.

In order to pair the devices, you will need to perform the following actions on them:

  1. Open the settings.


  2. Choose «Bluetooth».


  3. If the wireless module is not enabled, activate it by tapping the switch at the top right of the display.

    Activate Bluetooth

    After these operations, the wireless module will be activated on both devices.

  4. After that, if you have the Android Marshmallow version, the discoverable mode will be enabled automatically. If you have the 4.х version of the OS, you will need to activate this function on one of the devices by clicking the checkbox next to the name of the device.
  5. On the second device, scan the network by clicking «Search» or «Refresh», depending on the version of the OS.


  6. In the list of found devices, find the name of the desired device and choose it to create a pair.

    Create a pair

  7. On this device, you will receive the confirmation request. Accept it.

After these actions, resend your file.

Sending via the file manager

It may happen that you will need to send any document. You will not be able to do it from the gallery. However, you can use the file explorer.

We will use the third-party file manager – ES Explorer. If you wish, you can download it to your device and repeat all the following actions.

On the other hand, you can try to repeat similar steps in your standard file explorer.

After downloading and installing the ES Explorer on the phone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the explorer, find the desired file and select it by making a long tap.

    Select file

  2. Press «Additional» (the rightmost button at the top).


  3. Click «Share».


  4. Choose «Bluetooth».

    Via Bluetooth

  5. Further, everything is performed similarly, as it was done in the gallery. You will need to click the name of the recipient to start sending.

    Click the name of the recipient

How to send files via Bluetooth on Android: Video

Top apps for sending Files


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