Let’s talk about two very famous mobile operating systems that have their loyal fans. If you prefer Android and your friend likes iOS, you should know how to transfer files from iPhone to Android via Bluetooth.Now we will solve this tricky puzzle.


The difference between systems and the solution

Two competing platforms do not stop to struggle on the market. They have their pros and cons, and there are constant disputes between them. Since the systems are completely different, there is a problem with data exchanging. Despite the fact that iOS is considered more successful because of the innovative features, it does not provide the transmission of data using a Bluetooth function. Developers explain that it is done for safety reasons.

File transfer from iOS

In Cydia application, the user can find many tweaks, but it requires Jailbreak. Let’s look at a utility that will help us to transfer the file. It is called“Airbluesharing”, it is available for both platforms. The utility is very simple and easy to use.It can be used, for example, to transfer photos from iPhone to Android via Bluetooth.

  1. Go to the Cydia app store.

    Cydia open

  2. In the search box, type the following:Airbluesharing.


  3. At the end of the search, you will see the requested program.


    Note: since the system has a large filtration of applications and a good reputation for safety and quality, applications are paid. The price the utility will be about 4.99$. But it is possible to find a cracked version.

  4. Install the tweak.
    Note: in addition to photos, you also have the possibility to send files from iPhone to Android via Bluetooth.To do this, use the built-in file manager in the application that you have downloaded.

Actions in the file explorer:

  1. Go to the File Manager of the above-mentioned application.

    Start bluesharing

  2. Specify the appropriate document.
  3.  After clicking on it, you will see a pop-up window with the devices that you can send a file to.otpravka

    Sending via bluesharing

  4. Confirm your action to start sending.

The data will be transmitted successfully. Transmission speed can reach 1,7 MB/s.


Receiving from the Android device

  1. Similarly to the first case, run our application for file sharing.
  2. Make a swipe to the right to see the special menu.
  3. You must activate “Enable Receiving” function in order to allow Google system to see your gadget.

    Enable Receiving

  4. In the second system, select a file and send it using the standard method via the wireless module.
  5. You will need to receive the file on the iOS device.

    Receive the file

  6. You can see the transmission process on the control panel.

    Transmission process

  7. Once the transfer is complete, you will be notified.


You will be able to share music, documents, images, contacts with absolutely any extension. Now you can use the Bluetooth and transfer files from iPhone to Android without any problems.

How to send files via Bluetooth on Android: Video

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