We want to tell our readers about how to transfer files to Android over Wi-Fi from your computer to the mobile device and from one smartphone to another.


Sending files from the PC to Android

In order to send a file from your computer to Android via Wi-Fi, make sure your PC is connected to the router through a wire or Wi-Fi, and your smartphone / tablet must be connected to the same router.

We offer you to download the best file transfer application for Android, which can not only transfer files to Android over Wi-Fi for free, but has a large number of other functions, as this program is a file manager (explorer). It is called ES Explorer and it is available in the Google Play.

So, to transfer files to Android from a PC wirelessly, follow the instructions below.

Actions on the Android device:

  1. Connect the router that is connected to the computer.
  2. Launch the downloaded ES Explorer.

    Launch ES Explorer

  3. Swipe from the left to the center of the display to bring up an additional menu.

    Es Explorer

  4. Select "Network".


  5. Next, select "Remote Access".

    Remote Access

  6. If you've done everything correctly previously you’ll see a window with the name of your network. Press "Enable", and you will see a lineftр://…


    FTP adress

At this stage, working with Android is finished, go to your PC.

Actions on the PC:

  1. Start Windows Explorer or just click the "My Computer" icon.

    My Computer

  2. In the window that opens, in the address bar type the line which your device shows, such asftр:// After these steps, the computer will display all file folders. You can transfer data to Android, view it, move, copy and delete directly from the.

    Phone acsses

Sending files using Total Commander

There is a second way to send a file from your computer to Android, and it will be interesting to people who are accustomed to using Total Commander instead of the standard Windows Explorer.

To send a file via Wi-Fi to Android using TC, follow these steps:

  1. Run Total Commander.

    Total Commander

  2. On the keyboard, simultaneously press the [Ctrl] + [F], to open a window with connection settings for FТР.
  3. In the next window, click "Add" to open the next window.

    Connection with FTP

  4. In the "Connection name" line, invent and write the name of the device which you want to connect to, for example, you can enter the model of your smartphone / tablet.

    Connection name

  5. In the next line ("server"), write the address that you see on your Android, but enter it without FТP://. In our case, you only need to enter

    Server port

  6. Press «ОК».


  7. After these steps, in the "Connecting to the FTP server" window there will be a line with the name you specified.
  8. Select it.

    Select it

  9. Choose "Connect".


  10. You will be asked to type "User Name". Enter any characters or words (you don’t need to remember it, as it’s a formal protection and whatever you enter will be right). Click "OK".

    User Name

  11. Now you need to enter a password; by analogy with the previous point, you can enter any character, for example, "1", and click "OK".


  12. As a result, you will see folders with files from your device. You can transfer files to Android in a similar method as it is done, for example, with USB-drives.

    Enter in Phone with TC

Data transfer between mobile devices

We showed you how to upload files to your Android phone from a PC without wires. We also want to show the way to transfer files over Wi-Fi from one Android device to another with a higher speed than via Bluetooth.

To facilitate the transmission, connect both Android devices to the same Wi-Fi access point. Install and run the ES Explorer on both devices.

On the first device

Follow all the same steps as described above for Android.

On the second device

Do the following sequence of actions:

  1. After starting the Explorer Make a swipe (without lifting your finger, swipe across the screen) from the left to the center, to open additional menu.
  2. Select "Network".


  3. Click «FTP».


  4. Now for a more precise connection, click on "Create" at the bottom left of the window.


  5. Then click the line «FTP».

    Click the «FTP»

  6. In the line "Server", write the address that was issued on the first device, for example:

    Enter Server

  7. In the "Port", enter numbers specified in the address after the colon, in this case – 3721.

    Enter Port

  8. Tick "Anonym".


  9. Press «ОК».

    Press «ОК»

  10. Then click on the shortcut in order to connect to the first device. 

    Click FTP

Now you can transfer, download, view and manage files from the second device between two smartphones / tablets.

Files Managing

How to transfer files to Android over Wi-Fi : Video

Top apps for sending Files


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