Connect the iPad to Android via BluetoothAlmost any Apple user is aware of the limited possibilities of the Jailbreak in the devices of this manufacturer. For example, you cannot connect the iPad to Android via Bluetooth to transfer files, if you are using standard methods. In this article, we will tell you about methods allowing transferring files via Bluetooth from Android to iPad and vice versa.



As you know, the iOS is installed on smartphones and players (iPod Touch), so you can connect the iPod to Android via Bluetooth in a similar way.

To do this, your device has to be Jailbroken. In addition, it should have the Cydia installed. In the Cydia, find the Airblue sharing utility, which will help to exchange of files. This program is very easy to use.

We want to tell you some facts about the Jailbreak:

  • it is not available on all devices;
  • in fact, it is the firmware hacking, which means the loss of guarantee.

You should make a responsible decision about the necessity to have the Jailbreak. In addition, we doubt that the reason would be the desire to transfer the files via Bluetooth. Each user evaluates the risks and benefits. If you are one of those people who decided to hack the gadget, continue reading.


We will demonstrate step by step instruction, in which we will explain, how to perform file transfer between Android and iPad via Bluetooth.

If you want to send the file from the iOS:

  1. Open the Cydia.


  2. In the «Search», type the following name: “Airblue sharing”. You will see this app in the search results.



    Search airBlue Sharing

    Note: in this store, the program costs about $5 at the time of writing.

  3. Install the Airblue to your device.
  4. Open the menu and click the icon of the installed utility. It looks like the file manager.

    AirBlue Sharing

  5. Select the file you want to send.

    Select the file

  6. After selecting the necessary documents, you will see a pop-up menu with the list of the available devices.

    Select device

  7. Select the desired device name and confirm the transfer. After that, the transfer will begin.


From Android to iOS

Now we will tell what to do if you want to transfer files from Android to iOS:

  1. Open the downloaded utility and make a swipe to the right to open the menu.
  2. Choose “Enable Receiving”. It will allow Google devices to detect your iOS device.

    Enable Receiving

  3. On Android, select the desired file from the explorer or gallery and send it via Bluetooth using the standard method. In the list of available devices, you will see your iPhone or iPad, on which you have activated the “Enable Receiving” mode (the 2nd paragraph).
  4. On the iOS, confirm the request to start receiving files.

    Accept file

Now, the process of file transfer is completed. You can find information about the progress and transfer speed by opening the notifications bar.

Information about the progress

Once the files are transferred, you will be notified about the end of the procedure.

End of the procedure

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