Music from the PC on AndroidThis article will be interesting for music fans, who have a huge music library on the home computer and want to listen to it anywhere in their house. We will tell you how to listen to music from your PC on any portable speakers, using your phone as a Wi-Fi receiver. Of course, it would be more usual to use the Bluetooth technology. However, there is no possibility to use the Android as a Bluetooth receiver for the PC because of several technical nuances, about which we will speak below.


Who will be interested in this method

Most likely, our solution is aimed at enthusiasts, rather than at regular users. If you have a wireless Bluetooth speaker, you will not need to read this article. Such speakers can be easily connected to the computer without any setting, which is very convenient.

We will use Wi-Fi, because it is impossible to stream the video on Android via Bluetooth. You can do it in reverse order (stream from your phone to the PC). However, there is no such restriction for the Wi-Fi.

The preparatory stage

Let’s consider a situation, when you have:

  1. A computer with a large library, which will not fit in any smartphone.a.



  2. Portable speakers without Bluetooth (simple apeakers, but with the possibility of the AUX connection).


  3. Android smartphone or tablet.


  4. A) Since there is no possibility to use the Android phone as a Bluetooth receiver for the PC, you will need a router, which shares the Wi-Fi (the Internet connection is not necessary). The phone and the computer must be connected to it (you can use the wire).

    Wi-Fi router

    B) If there is no possibility to use the router, you can create an access point from the smartphone. However, this method significantly speeds up the discharge of the phone battery. The presence of Wi-Fi module on the PC is also necessary. If you do not have a router at home, then follow these steps:

On the phone:

We performed these steps on the device that has the 6.0.1 Marshmallow version of the OS, so do not worry if you will have something different. The logic of actions should be the same on the Lollipop or KitKat.

  • Open the «Settings». 


  • Choose «More».


  • Click «Tethering & portable hotspot».     


  • Open the «Set up Wi-Fi hotspot» and create a name for your future network, specify the desired password and press «Save».   

    Set up Wi-Fi hotspot


    Wi-Fi hotspot Settings

  • Activate the hotspot by clicking «Portable Wi-Fi hotspot».

    Portable Wi-Fi hotspot


On the PC:

  • Go to the wireless network manager.
  • Find the name of the created network.
  • Connect to it by entering the password you specified.

That is all. Both devices will be in one network.

The configuration

Let us show the configuration process.

  1. Download the “Sound Wire” app from the Google Play. It is available in two versions: paid and trial. We advise not to purchase the full version immediately, but first try the trial. Both versions perform as a client, which will receive the signal and play it.
  2. Next, you will need to install the server part on your PC. You can download it here.
  3. Run the downloaded application on the PC and on your phone.

On the PC:

  1. In the “Server Address” line, write the desired IP or do not change the default address. It should look like this: (you may have other numbers, but each number cannot exceed 255).soundwire ip
  2. In the drop-down list under the «Input Select», choose the device, from which the sound will be broadcasted.



On the smartphone:

  1. Launch the mobile version of the application. After this, select the additional menu at the top right.Knopka vizova menu
  2. Click «Settings» to open the settings menu. When you first start, you will need to set the optimum values in this menu.



  3. Make sure that the «Audio buffer size» is 128k. In practice, it was verified that this is the optimal combination of quality and battery consumption.

    Audio buffer

  4. Next, we will make sure that the app will not stop after turning off the display. Check the box next to the «Wake Lock».

    Wake Lock

  5. In addition, you can check the box next to «Screen on Wake Lock». In such a case, when the app works, the display will not turn off, but it will decrease the brightness. If you do not need it, do not touch it.

    Screen on Wake Lock


  6. Return to the main window and specify the same address as in the program on the PC. However, you can allow the app to scan the network and find your PC without your intervention.

    Enter address

  7. To start the broadcast, click the spring icon. After this, all the sounds from the computer will be played in the smartphone’s dynamics. However, there will be a slight delay. You may not notice this fact.


  8. Since we need to broadcast all the sounds to the speakers, you will need to connect the speakers to your phone via AUX cable.

The setup process is completed. Turn on the music on your computer and it will be played on the speakers, which are connected to the phone. Since the phone and the speakers do not have to be near the computer, you can move them to another room or to the kitchen and enjoy the music from your PC.

How to play music through Bluetooth on Android devices: Video

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