Connecting to the Android Bluetooth via USBIf you purchase cheap new or used Android devices, you will significantly save money. However, you can later find some difficulties, which were hidden or not obvious at first glance. For example, the budget Chinese tablets often do not have the Bluetooth module, and it becomes critical at certain times. In this article, we will tell you how to overcome this situation by connecting the Bluetooth USB for Android.


What you will need to consider

In order to make everything simple, first it is necessary to clarify the following aspects:

  1. As we have already mentioned, we will deal with the USB device, so you will need to find out, whether your gadget supports the OTG connection. This can be found on the manufacturer’s website or by the presence of the special OTG cable in the package of the device. If it was not included, but you have it, try to connect any other USB device to the tablet. Usually it can be checked using a simple flash drive, since they do not need special drivers and they are present in almost every home. After making sure that the device supports the connection of external devices, proceed to the next step.


  2. You will need the special device – USB Bluetooth adapter. It can be found in any online store with electronics. Such a device looks as a flash drive or as a nano-receiver (it is used to connect the wireless mouse). You can choose any model – there is no need to find a special device for Android. They are inexpensive.

    Bluetooth dongle

    USB Bluetooth nano


In order to install the Bluetooth dongle on the Android tablet, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the OTG cable to the smartphone or tablet.
  2. Insert the external adapter to the other side of the cable.
  3. On your mobile gadget, open the menu.


  4. Choose «Settings».


  5. You will see the «Bluetooth» menu with all the possibilities, as if it was built-in.

    Without Bluetooth

    With Bluetooth

    Note that the Bluetooth USB dongle driver for Android does not exist. You will not find any sites with drivers for this OS in the Internet. Initially, Android has everything necessary to work with some devices. That is why you will not be able to download the Bluetooth dongle driver for Android tablet, if such an adapter will not work after connecting.

The fact is that in the official firmwares, if the device does not have some module initially, developers cut out the unused software features of the system (for example, the Bluetooth connection in our case). This is done to save space and resources of the device, to make sure that the unused functionality does not overload the system.

There is another way out of this situation. If you are the owner of custom firmware (for example, from CyanogenMod), you can rest easy about this, because custom firmwares use pure Android with all built-in services. If you cannot connect the wireless module on the stock firmware, we recommend paying your attention at the amateur builds.

Cyanogenmod 12

There are also MicroSD cards with built-in Bluetooth. Most often, people order them from China. They have exactly the same principle of operation, but they are inserted directly into the slot for SD cards. They take up less space and do not require the OTG connection.bluetooth sd card

Connecting to the Android Bluetooth via USB: Video

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