Sending apps via Bluetooth on Android

In this small article, we would like to show you how to send applications via Bluetooth on Android. You will be able to send not only .apk files that you previously downloaded to store on your phone, but also transfer the programs that you have installed on a device (if you do not have the backup .apk).


The method of implementation

There are several ways to transfer already installed programs to another device, and third-party software, which you can find in the Google Play store, performs all of them. In our example, we will use the Bluetooth App Sender for Android application. We cannot say that it is the best of its kind, but it has a few settings and many users will find it comfortable.

You can download Bluetooth App Sender for Android from the Google Play.


Next, we will provide information on how to send applications via Bluetooth on Android using the App Sender. To do this, follow these steps:

The wireless module activation:

  1. Go to the settings.


  2. Choose «Bluetooth».

    Choose «Bluetooth»

  3. Activate the status of the wireless module by moving the slider in the upper right corner.

    Bluetooth On

Sending the files:

  1. Once you have activated the communication module, start the app.
  2. In the list of installed programs, select the module with the application you want to send to another device, and press «Send APK».

    Send APK

  3. Next, choose «Bluetooth».


  4. You will see a list of all found devices: choose the name of the necessary one.

    Choose the name

  5. Confirm the reception on the second device.

After the file is transferred, you can install it using any file explorer. The file will be in the «Bluetooth» folder.

Note that you will need to activate the function allowing the installation from unknown sources, to install the software that was not downloaded from the Google Play. It is located at the following way: “Settings” – “Security” – “Unknown sources”.

Sending apps via Bluetooth on Android: Video

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