Share apps from Android to AndroidToday, in this article, we will focus on how to transfer apps from Android to Android via Bluetooth. Quite often, there are situations, when in the field conditions, where there is no internet, you or your friend need to share one of the apps that is installed on the device. Since it is often difficult to find a good Internet outside the home, it is possible to use the method of sharing the apk. files via Bluetooth. We will tell more about it below.


What you will need

This problem can be solved by a variety of ways. They all will involve using the third-party programs, designed to share the apk. files.

In our example, we will use one of the third-party applications. However, the Bluetooth Share apps for Android is not the main function, but the auxiliary one. We are telling about the «ES explorer». We have chosen it, because this explorer is a high quality product. It can replace your standard explorer and another app that allows sharing programs. You will have one application instead of two, save memory and other resources on your mobile device. You will always use it, unlike other apps that are not used for half of the year and more.


You will need to install the ES Explorer on the phone that will share the app (the second device may not have it).

You can download it here.

  1. Enable the Bluetooth on both devices.
  2. Open the ES explorer.
  3. You will see the main window of the program with your SD card and internal storage of the device. At the top, you will see the number of scanned files (audio, images, videos, documents and programs) on your device. Everything is collected together and sorted by the type of the file. Press the APP icon that is located at the top right of the menu.


  4. You will see a list or a grid of all the games and programs on your device. Find the desired one and make a long tap to choose it.

    List of games and programs

  5. The tick will appear on the selected app. After this, press the button in the form of three vertically spaced dots.

    Select app

    Menu button

    In the drop-down menu, click «Share».


  6. Next, select «Bluetooth».


  7. You will see the list of available devices. Find the name of the desired device and click it to start transferring the file.

    Select device

Note: this app shares apk. files and it also allows sending workable applications and games without cache.

How to share apps from Android to Android via Bluetooth: Video

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