From PC to Android via BluetoothThis article focuses on how to transfer files from PC to Android via Bluetooth. We will demonstrate step-by-step instructions about files sending. Since the computers have different operating systems, in our example we will use the most popular one – the Microsoft Windows.


What you will need

To send data via Bluetooth, make sure that your phone and PC have built-in wireless modules. There is a second option: use any external communication module that connects via USB interface.

Instructions for transmission

To transfer files from PC to Android via Bluetooth, follow these steps:

  1. Click the notification icon, which is located in the lower right corner and looks like a miniature of text message.


  2. After you will see a pop-up menu with notifications, click “All settings” on the bottom right.

    All settings

  3. The next step is to click “Devices”.


  4. Choose «Bluetooth».


  5. Change the position of the slider to the active state to activate the Bluetooth on your PC. After that, the phone will search for the devices.

    Position of the slider

  6. On your smartphone, go to the settings.


  7. Choose «Bluetooth».

    Choose «Bluetooth»

  8. Change the position of the slider to the active state. Usually, it is at the top right of the screen.

    Bluetooth On

  9. On your PC, you will see the name of your smartphone: select it and then click the button “Pair”.

    Select device


  10. If the pairing is done for the first time, you will be asked to confirm the connection of both devices (you will see a window with the code; if the code is the same on both devices, confirm the pairing).


    After these actions, both devices will be connected to each other. This operation is performed once. In the future, follow the instructions below to send any file from your PC.

  11. Open Windows Explorer on your PC and select the image, music or documents that you want to send to your smartphone.

    Select files

  12. After that, right-click a file to display the context menu.

    Right-click a file

  13. Select “Send to” and “Bluetooth device”.

    Send to

  14. In the window that opens, click the name of your smartphone to select the recipient.

    Select device

  15. Click “Next”.


  16. To start the download, confirm the data receipt on the Android device.

If you have ever transmitted data to a particular smartphone, in the future the whole procedure can be started from the 12th paragraph.

There is also a faster way to transfer data, but it is less secure. If there is a device with the same name as you have in the range of the wireless network, you can transfer the data to the wrong person by mistake. It is unforgivable if you exchange the confidential information. That is why this method may not be suitable for someone.

If you are not afraid to make a mistake and you are going to transfer music (for example), then look at the next steps:

  1. Enable wireless modules on both devices.
  2. Follow the steps 12-15.
  3. Then uncheck the “Use authentication”. The procedure will be available for all unknown devices.

    Use authentication

  4. Click “Next”.


  5. On the smartphone, confirm the receipt of the information.

Transferring files from PC to Android via Bluetooth: Video

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