In this article, we will talk about what to do when files do not transfer via Bluetooth on Android. We will tell you about the possible causes of this problem and the nuances that can interfere when you send files to a nearby device.


The method of sending

To begin, let us see how to send the files to make sure that you did everything correctly and the problem is not in your actions. To do this, perform the following actions:

  1. Go to the settings of your device.


  2. Select «Bluetooth».

    Select «Bluetooth»

  3. Activate the wireless module. For this, move the slider in the upper-right corner to the active state.

    Bluetooth On

  4. Go to the gallery or file explorer (depending on your needs).
  5. Select images, audio, video or other files that you want to send.

    Select files

  6. Tap "Share".


  7. In the opened window, select «Bluetooth». You will see a new window with a choice of devices.

    Select «Bluetooth»

  8. On the receiving device, activate the wireless communication module.
  9. Make sure that the detection mode is enabled. In the main window of the wireless module, the name of your smartphone should be checked.

    Detection mode

  10. On the first device, it is necessary to find the necessary recipient. Click "Search for devices".

    Search for devices

  11. Once the recipient's name is displayed, choose it to send the information.

    Choose device

  12. On the second device, you will see a window asking you to allow the data receiving. It is necessary to agree with this.

After these steps, the data must be transferred successfully.

Causes of problems

If you did everything as in the example above, but there were problems at some stage, read our article to find out what are the reasons that can cause the refusal of information transmission. There can be several reasons and all of them arise due to some nuances of certain developers.

Trusted devices

If you transfer files to the smartphone for the first time (you have not exchanged any data earlier), the files cannot be transferred without prior pairing. First, try to connect to the new device.

To do this, do the following:

  1. Repeat the actions from the first to the third paragraph of the above instructions.
  2. Click  "Search for devices" and wait until the name of the necessary device appears in your list.

    Search for devices

  3. Then, tap the device name and select "Connect". Confirm this action on another device.

    Tap the device name


  4. Then repeat steps 4-12 to transmit the information.

Bugs in the firmware

The communication module does not have any configuration. If after using both described methods, you are still unable to transmit the information, it is necessary to restart your device. After the restart, the minor errors can be corrected, and it is likely that your problem will be solved automatically.


If the restart did not fixed the problem, we recommend resetting the device. If you transferred files earlier on the same firmware, then this function will probably work correctly after the resetting.

Otherwise, you will realize that the problem is in the wireless module, which will be an occasion to bring your device to a service center.

To do a factory reset, you will need to:

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Select "Backup and reset".

    Backup and reset

  3. Select "Factory data reset".

    Factory data reset

  4. Confirm the action by clicking "Reset phone".

    Reset phone

What to do, if the files do not transfer via Bluetooth on Android: Video

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