Exchange files between Mac and AndroidYou will not be able to connect Android to Mac in a usual way, because of the hardware limitations of the Bluetooth modules in the Apple products. There is no method, which can be used on a daily basis. We want to show an alternative embodiment of the information exchange, which will not need wires and will be faster than the Bluetooth.


The alternative method

Since you will not be able to exchange files via Bluetooth from Android to Mac, we recommend using Wi-Fi, which is a faster technology of file transfer. It has a lot more capacity, which significantly saves time, when you exchange big files. It can be performed easily (you will not need the ROOT rights for Android or change the system files in Mac).

It suffices to use the SuperBeam soft. With it, you will be able to exchange data between different operation systems, such as iOS, Android, Linux, Mac and Windows.

How the application works

First of all, you will need to install the app of the appropriate version to all the devices, which you want to exchange the information between. Then, one of the devices creates a hotspot, which allows other devices to connect to it (It is very convenient if you are in the field conditions, where there is no common router).

In such a case, the Direct technology will be used. Today, almost any Android device supports it.

In the second case, you can connect the laptop to the router at home via the wire or via Wi-Fi. The smartphone/tablet will be connected wirelessly. In our case, we will choose the second option (using the router), because not any Apple product supports the Direct technology.


Now, we will demonstrate how to exchange the data from Mac to Android and vice versa using the Wi-Fi.

Download and install the version for Mac at this link (zip archive), or(jar application).

Download the second part of the application to your smartphone.

Sending files to Android:

  1. On the computer, press «Send» to open a special window, to which you will drag a desired file.

    Send PC

  2. Drag music file, document or anything else that you want to send. If you have done everything correctly, you will see the QR code, which we will need later.

    Drag file

    QR code PC

  3. Open the app on your phone.
  4. Do a swipe to the right to activate the additional menu.


  5. Click «Receive».


  6. Press «Scan QR code», to activate the camera with the recognition of our code.

    Receive on Android

  7. Point the camera at the program on the computer to recognize the code and to start the data downloading.

    Scan Qr code

Sending files to Mac

  1. After launching the app on the phone, in the main window, choose one of the buttons depending on the type of the file we want to send. For example, we will choose «Audio & Music».


  2. Select the desired music files.

    Select files

  3. Press the round «Send» button.


  4. You will see a question: «Is the other device connected to the same Wi-Fi network as this device?». Press «Yes», if it is.


  5. You will see the QR code.

    QR code on Android

  6. Open this program on your PC.
  7. Press «Receive» to open the window with the camera and the text code area.

    Receive PC

  8. Lift the phone to the camera or write the code that you have seen on the smartphone manually.

    Scan QR code on PC

  9. If you have done everything correctly, the files will be sent.


The speed

To compare and understand all the advantages of using this method, we provide the information about the approximate speed of data exchange:

  • from the computer to the mobile device: 17-19 Mbit/s.
  • from the phone to the other phone: 27-40 Mbit/s.

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