Sooner or later, the owners of smartphones are thinking about using the wireless headset. Some people conclude that it is useless for them, while others are simply afraid not to be able to configure it properly, thinking that eventually the earpiece will lie on the shelf. If you belong to the latter type of users, this article will be helpful for you. We will tell you about making a call from Android via Bluetooth headset.


The connection

First, you will need to connect the headset to your phone. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On your smartphone, go to the settings.
    1. Nastroiki
    2. Nastroiki eng
  2. Choose the Bluetooth.
    1. Viberite Bluettoth
    2. Viberite Bluettoth eng
  3. If the wireless module was not enabled previously, you will need to activate it by clicking the switch at the top right of the screen.
    1. Vkluchite Bluetooth
    2. Vkluchite Bluetooth eng
  4. Turn on the wireless headset.
  5. Activate the discoverable mode, according to the instructions (this is usually done by holding the power button for 10 seconds; if you see that the indicator lighted up, the desired mode was activated).
  6. On the smartphone, press «Search for devices» to find the available devices.
    1. Proizvedite poisk
    2. Proizvedite poisk eng
  7. In the list of devices, find the name of the headset and click it, then the devices will be paired.
    1. viberite naushnik
    2. viberite naushnik eng
  8. Some models have the protection, so after performing the 7th paragraph you may see the request to type the security code of the headset. It can be found in the instructions for the headset (usually, the code is 0000).

After that, the device will be paired with the headset. All subsequent calls will be automatically broadcasted to the earphone, when both the headset and Bluetooth on the smartphone are enabled.

Recording a conversation

If you use one of the applications for the phone conversations recording, you will need to make some adjustments in the program after connecting a wireless headset. Otherwise, the recording may not be performed correctly.

In our example, we used the popular “Call Recorder” app – ACR ( ). If you also use it on your phone, then repeat all the actions step by step. If you are using another program, perform the same steps to enable the Bluetooth call recorder function on your Android device:

  1. Open the ACR program.
  2. Press the icon that is shown on the picture or make a swipe to the right to open a special menu.

vizov menu

vizov menu eng

  1. Choose the «Settings».

nastroiki acr

nastroiki acr eng

  1. In the new window, select the «Recording».

Zapis eng

  1. Find the «Record on Bluetooth» function and activate it.

vkluchit regim bluetooth

vkluchit regim bluetooth eng

After these steps, the application must properly record the conversation, if you use the headset to talk.

Skype conversations

You can also make Skype calls via Bluetooth on Android. In many cases, if you connect a headset, the Skype starts to broadcast the call to it automatically. However, if the sound is still broadcasted via the phone speaker, you will need to make a single action.

After making sure, that the Bluetooth headset is connected to the Skype on Android, but the sound is not transmitted to it during a conversation, press the «Speaker» button, which is located in the first row on the right side. By default, this button has «Conversational speaker/speaker» modes. When the headset is connected to the phone, then the «Bluetooth» mode is added. Choose this mode and your interlocutor will be heard through the headset.

Skype dinamik

Skype dinamik eng

These are the basic tips on using the headset. If nothing seemed difficult for you, we encourage active use of this device, especially while driving, because it will be safer.

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