Bluetooth headsetThis article will tell you how to use your Android mobile gadget as a Bluetooth headset for another gadget.


How functional the method is

Can you use Android phone as a Bluetooth headset? Yes, you can. But not all smartphones can achieve such a success, and a second smartphone will not be quite a full-fledged headset, because it will only transfer the sound from the main phone to another. For example, you can play music and manage the player on one device, and the sound will be on the second one. But you won’t be able to use Android phone as a Bluetooth headset (make calls and talk through the second device on the first one), since there is no appropriate way to do it.

When it can be useful

You can use your phone as Android Bluetooth headset when listening to music with friends on both devices through headphones. You can control the music on your Android, but at the same time all that you hear will be played on your friend’s device, because his Android phone will be used as a Bluetooth headset.

What we need to do

To use Android as a Bluetooth headset, we need:

  1. Both devices must be from the same manufacturer, for example, both LG or both Samsung, as this function is performed by built-in branded features. We will use both devices from LG, namely the model E975 as the main device (it will share the sound) and P880 as the second device (music tracks will be played on it). Other models are also suitable.
  2. Both Android phones must have Bluetooth module.
  3. In our case, both devices must support SmаrtShаre Beam function.


So, after you have verified that both devices meet the requirements, you will be able to make your Android phone a Bluetooth headset. To do this you need to turn on Bluetooth on your Android phone. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open your system settings.

    Systеm sеttings

  2. Tap “Bluetooth”.


  3. Move the slider on the top right to activate the module.

    Bluetooth on

  4. If necessary, check the box next to “Allow other devices to find my Bluetooth device” to allow other devices to connect to you.

    Allow to find my Bluetooth device

After that, nothing more should be done on your device.

Next, you will need to adjust the gadget, which the music will be played from.

Follow the above steps 1 to 4.

  1. Further, in the devices window, tap “Search” to find the necessary Android device.


  2. Click on the title to make a pair.

    Click on the title

  3. In the pop-up window on both devices, press “Connection”.


  4. Run the standard music player.

    Standard music player

  5. Once a player has started, press the icon of the device with the arrow on the top right.


  6. If the desired device has not appeared in the list immediately, click “Add”.
  7. Select the tab «Bluetooth».

    Select the tab «Bluetooth»

  8. Click the name of the desired device, then it will be possible to play tracks through the music player of the main mobile device.

    Name of the desired device

We have shown how Android device can work as a Bluetooth headset, and demonstrated what you need to do for it. If such a decision does not cover your needs, the best headset for your Android phone will be the one that supports the connection of two smartphones at the same time. Using it, you will be able to receive calls without taking devices from the bag. Today, almost any fresh model, even the cheapest, supports such a function.

Android as a Bluetooth headset: Video

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