We offer to talk about novelties of the last decade. We will tell you about the best Bluetooth heart rate monitor on Android.


Which sensor has been used?

For our Bluetooth heart rate monitors on Android, we used Bluetooth wireless heart rate sensor “zephyr hxm for Android”.It is fastened to the athlete’s chest to provide more accurate data about the human pulse counting. It fixes on the chest with a convenient elastic strap. In addition, the pulsometer can track the RR interval, the distance traveled and the speed with which a person moves during training.

Connection to your phone happens through Bluetooth 2.0 or 4.0, this standard is supported by almost any smartphone, so it’s a big plus. Battery life is up to 150 total hours.


Applications for sport

We told about Android Bluetooth heart rate sensor, and now we will talk about applications in which you can use the indicators of your heart rate monitor.

  1. EndomоndoSportsTracker
    The first Bluetooth heart rate monitor program for Androidis called Endomondо.It was originally designed for those who are engaged in running. But later, developers have started to add various new features that turned Endomondo into a comfortable app to keep track of any physical activity.


  2. RunKееper
    The second Bluetooth heart rate monitor for Android smartphones is called RunKeeper. This is perhaps the only worthy competitor for Endomondo, because it has similar functions. With it, you can not only view the history of the pulse and all workouts, but also track your and other peoples’ records, make plans for your trainings. In addition, the program has the integration with Facebook and Twitter.


  3. Runtаstic
    The last application that should not be missed is the Runtastic that supports Bluetooth indicators. It is the clever combo heart rate monitor for Android. Its quality is at the level of the previous two applications, but it is designed only for running. It can keep track of running, jogging, walking or cycling using GPS. It can measure the time of running, distance, pace, speed and calories burned. The program can build activity diagrams, split tables etc.


We should not say that one of these Bluetooth monitors for Android is better than another because they all deserve attention. We recommend trying each of them and choosing the most convenient Bluetooth heart rate monitor application.

Best Bluetooth heart rate monitor for Android: Video

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