When a healthy lifestyle and fitness became popular, the fashion for fitness bracelets came. The first Bluetooth wristband for Android appeared in 2011, and so far this gadget is actively developing and pleases its owners with new improved versions.


The healthy lifestyle bracelet

It would be interesting for each of us to take care of our health by tracking the phases of sleep, work of heart and activity during the whole day. The Bluetooth bracelet for Android can help with it.  There is a number of “smart” wristbands, they are all different in design and are almost identical in functionality.  We will explain the principle of operation on the example of the popular Jawbone UP24 bracelet.


After receiving this gadget, you will get a device itself, an adapter from 2.5 to USB, as well as the instructions.


Requirements for the smartphone

The Android operating system version above 4.3, the presence of Bluetooth wireless technology.

How it works

In order to start using the device, you must download and install the application. This application allows you to make the adjustments, view the calories burned, and store information about nutrition and exercises. You can download it from the Google Play.

Steps to configure:

  1. Start the application and begin the registration.


  2. Enter your information: sex, height, weight and date of birth.


  3. Read the instructions on how to use, then press “Next”.


  4. Fill in the information about your activity throughout the day.




  5. Specify your diet.


  6. Add your mood by writing it in the allotted window.


The device will begin its work. It is very easy and interesting to monitor your health.


Another interesting gadget that will be useful for sportsmen, fitness enthusiasts and other people is the Bluetooth pedometer for Android. It is useful because it will keep track of the number of the path you traveled, which will monitor the calories burned. Let us explain the principle of the pedometer operation on the example of the Xiaomi Mi Band.


The device looks like a normal wristband. Some people can say that the absence of the screen is a big disadvantage, because there is no possibility to see the results of the activity immediately. But the results can be easily seen on the mobile phone.

To work with the device, you will need to download and install the application.

For further work it is necessary to register on the site xiaomi.com.

Managing the bracelet:

  1. Open the Mi Fit app

    Mi fit

  2. Specify your gender.


  3. Choose the age.


  4. Enter your height. The bracelet configuration is over.


  5. Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and make a primary search in the application.


At the end of the day you can see your results.


Bluetooth wristband for Android: Video

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