Bluetooth auto connect on Android-devices

Probably, it is not necessary to explain what Bluetooth is and how to use it. We all use it in different purposes: Bluetooth headset, file transfer, Internet distribution, etc. But many people are questioning whether it is possible to configure automatic Bluetooth connection on Android-devices. The answer is simple – you can do it. Wondering how? Read the article.


Setting the auto connect

Note that these functions are not initially provided. Smartphones, tablets and laptops do not have built-in tools that allow you to automatically connect to Bluetooth. So you will have to search for the desired program, install it on the smartphone (or tablet), configure it, and only then the connection will happen automatically.

In addition, before the program can perform its direct functions, you will have to pair the device with the desired devices manually. Later in this article we will discuss how to pair the devices, which application to install, where to find it and how to configure it.

Pairing between Bluetooth devices

You have to know a few rules and perform a clear sequence of actions. To make pairing between devices, you must enable the Bluetooth on both devices and activate the detection function.

Detection on the computer is activated as follows: in the notification area there is the Bluetooth icon. Right-click it. In the menu, it is necessary to select "View Options".

View Options

In the tab "Options" there is a line "Allow devices to find this computer". Put a tick here and save the settings.

Allow devices to find this computer

On Android, you will need to open the Bluetooth settings, enable the adapter (move the slider to the "On") and put a checkmark in the “Visible to all Bluetooth devices”.

Visible to all Bluetooth devices

As a rule, the tick is removed automatically after 2-3 minutes. To avoid this, you must press the "Menu" (on the Samsung it is the touch button to the left of the mechanical "Home" key). Select the "Connection timeout" and choose the time after which the detection will be switched off.

BT settings on Android

Connection timeout

Now, when the detection is enabled, we can perform the pairing. If you want to connect your smartphone to your computer, then click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray again on your PC. Select "Add a device".

Add a device

You will see a window, in which the system will display all Bluetooth devices available to connect. Select your device from the list and click "Next".  


There will be another window, in which you will see the PIN code. If it is the same as the code that appeared on your phone (tablet), then press "OK" on both devices. That is all, the pairing is performed.

PIN code

If we are talking about the connection between two mobile gadgets, then go to the Bluetooth settings, turn on the adapter and press the "Search" button below.


The system will find all devices available for pairing. You will just need to select the desired device. On the second device, you will be asked to connect. If the PIN code is the same on both gadgets, confirm the request. The devices are paired.

Request to connect

Setting the auto connection

As mentioned above, the automatic connection of Bluetooth on Android is available only through third-party applications. The most common application is called “Bluetooth Auto Connect”. You can download the app from the Google Play for free.

Bluetooth Auto Connect

It is quite simple to work with. After starting the program you will see the settings. There will be a few items that need to be set up:

  • Set Last Device. If you put a tick here, after Bluetooth enabling the smartphone will automatically connect to latest gadget (if it is in range).

Connect to Last Device

  • Profiles. Here you can select the types of connections. For a quick connection to a headset, you should tick the lines «Media Audio (A2DP)» and «Call audio (HSP)». Here you will need to choose the right technologies by checking the appropriate lines.


Right technologie

  • Devices. If you go to this section, you can choose the equipment for quick connection.



Do not configure the remaining sections. That’s all. Now, when you turn on Bluetooth on your phone it will automatically connect to a paired devices that are in range of the connection. As you can see, everything is very simple and easy.

Bluetooth auto connect on Android devices: Video

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