In this article, we will tell about the standard Android Bluetooth speaker app that is pre-installed in most modern smartphones and allows you to play tracks on both smartphones simultaneously.


In what cases it may be useful

You can use Android as a Bluetooth speaker while being outdoors. For example, your friend has a very loud phone with high sound quality and you have great music, and, in order not to transfer your media files, you can just play them on his smartphone.

On which devices it can be implemented

To allow using your friend’s Android device as Bluetooth speaker, both devices are desired to be from the same manufacturer and the version of the OS has to be higher than 4.0. For example, LG has a standard feature called SmartShare Beam, and we will consider it in our example.

In addition, devices must have a Bluetooth.

How to adjust everything

When you have verified that both devices support SmartShare, do the following:

On both devices:

  1. Go to the System Settings.


  2. Open «Bluetooth».

    Opening "Bluettoth"

  3. Move the switcher at the top right to the active position to enable the wireless communication.

    Activation Bluetooth

  4. Make sure that there is a tick near the name of the device. It is necessary in order to ensure that devices can detect each other. 


On the device that will act as a player:

  1. In the list of devices, click “Search for devices” to find available devices.

    Searching for Devices

  2. Select the name of the smartphone that will act as a speaker, to make a connection.

    Making a Connection

  3. If there is a confirmation window, press “Pair” on both devices. 

    Pressing “Pair”

  4. Go to the main menu and start the standard player, in most cases, its icon is called “Music”. 

    Starting the Standard Player

  5. After starting the player, on the LG, it is necessary to click the icon of a communicator with an arrow; it is in the upper right side of the display. 


  6. The next screen displays the available devices for streaming. If you do not see the name of the desirable device, press “Add device”.

    Adding Device

  7. Select «Bluetooth». 

    Select «Bluetooth»

  8. Select the name of the desired device and then the pairing will be performed. 


  9. Now you can start playing your tracks, and the sound will be played on a nearby device.
    Connecting to the Bluetooth speaker

The related topic is how to connect to the Android Bluetooth speaker.This can be done using a SmartShare function, and without it, on any devices which have a Bluetooth module.

What do we need

To do this, we need:

  1. Any device havingBluetooth.
  2. Wireless speaker, which is also called Bluetooth speaker for Android.

Instructions for connecting

First, we will show you how make a pair using SmartShare.

  1. On your speaker, activate the detection mode according to its instructions.
  2. All the rest is done on your phone similarly to steps 1-9, as we showed above (when we connected two phones).

The second way, which should work on the majority of devices.

Since Bluetooth speakers for Android are connected in the same way as a wireless stereo headset, perform such operations:

  1. Turn the detection mode on the speaker.
  2. On your smartphone, go to theBluetooth settings.
  3. Search for devices.

    Searching for Devices

  4. Connect to the wireless speaker.


  5. In the list of the devices, click the gear icon next to the name of your speaker.

    List of the Devices

  6. Make sure there is a tick next the “Media audio”.

    “Media Audio”

After these steps, all system sounds (music, sounds from applications, games, and keyboard) will be transmitted to the speaker.

Audio playback on other devices via Bluetooth: Video

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