Bluetooth Remote Control between Android devicesSometimes it happens that you need to use one Android-based device to control another one remotely. For example, it can be useful during the presentation, because you need to switch slides when the demonstration is carried out from the tablet to the projector. This can be done using your smartphone and special Bluetooth remote programs for your Android phone, which will be explained further.


About the program

This software will also be useful in cases, when you need to do something on one device from another when you do not have direct access to it. Example of the similar situation is using a smartphone as a remote for your tablet, which is connected to the TV via HDMI and is broadcasting some video. In this case, you can manage multimedia content from your phone, without leaving the couch.

Similarly to the remote access programs, you will need to install a Bluetooth remote control on your phone on Android and tablet separately. Therefore, both copies should be on both devices.

This program is called Tablet Remote. From the title, it is clear that the application was developed for tablet control. However, it also works well if you install the Bluetooth remote control for the Android tablet as a remote to have remote access from your tablet to your smartphone. We can’t see a lot of use in this, but situations can be different.

The program is available for free on Google Play. 


  1. Install the software on both devices that will be paired for the remote control.
  2. Start the Tablet Remote on your phone and select the «Connection» tab.


  3. Next, open the app on the tablet. You should see an animated interface.
  4. Select the «Setup» icon.


  5. Put a check mark on all the options that you have in this window. Agree with all the pop ups that will appear. It is necessary for the correct work of the application.

    Agree with all the pop ups

  6. Return to the main window and click the «Connection» button.


  7. Select the image of the radar. By this action, you will give your smartphone a permission to find your tablet.
  8. In the list of devices, find the name of your phone and select it to pair the two devices.

    Name of your phone

    The setup is done, we can proceed to control.

  9. On the smartphone, go back to the main menu and select the «Remote» tab to display the controls.


The interface with control buttons is pretty compact and interesting. If the orientation of the screen is portrait, following functions are available:

  1. Navigation.


  2. Volume touch panel.


  3. The display brightness panel.


  4. Multimedia player control.

    Multimedia player control

  5. "Back", "Home", "Advanced", "Search" buttons.


  6. A keyboard for text input.

    Input Regim

If the orientation is album, the interface turns into a gamepad for games. The key layout is similar to the Playstation DualShock gamepad (the only difference is the absence of the analog sticks). This will be a pleasant discovery for gamers. Now you can play your favorite mobile games on the big screen, controlling them from your phone.


We showed how you can control a tablet from your smartphone; If you need to do it the opposite way, repeat these instructions, but the actions that we performed on the tablet have to be done on your phone and vice versa. Enjoy.

Remote Control between Android devices via Bluetooth: Video

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