Wi-Fi is turned off on Android deviceWe regularly use the Wi-Fi connection when we work and when we rest. This wireless technology has entered into our everyday life and now it is hard to imagine life without it. The common mistake, when Android devices spontaneously disconnect from Wi-Fi, may disturb the implementation of vital tasks, so this problem should be solved or prevented.


Causes of unstable connection

First of all, it is necessary to determine why the network is unstable. There are a lot of causes that have led to the unstable Wi-Fi connection on Android. Here are the most common ones:

  • Firewall of the mobile antivirus is blocking the connection.
  • Failure of the software.
  • Failure of the router.
  • Incorrect settings of the router.

Note that the last two points are related to the Android OS only indirectly: i.e. the cause of unstable connection is not a smartphone or tablet, but the router and its settings.

So, let us analyze these mistakes and their solutions in details.

What programs affect connection?

Most often, the error, when Android disconnects from Wi-Fi, involves the use of mobile anti-virus software. The fact is that the Firewall of such applications just blocks network in order to improve safety.

Similar problems can be created by other applications that are somehow connected to the operation of the wireless module. For example, Virtual router or Portable Wi-Fi Router. Such programs may make certain changes to the wireless module settings, causing crashes. The solution is to delete these programs. If this does not help, you should perform a factory reset.

Failure of the software

Sometimes the problem with connection to the wireless network occurs because of software failure. For the most part Android loses Wi-Fi connection after the software update, but quite often it simply does it "on an empty place". In this case, first try to perform a full factory reset. Go to the settings of your device. Find the "Accounts" tab ad scroll to "Backup and reset".


Backup and reset

On older versions of Android you can find it in the "Privacy".

Remember that after resetting all the data contained in the internal memory of the device will be deleted. Therefore, it is recommended to pre-save the data on your computer.

If the problem persists, then there is only one option – to flash the device. If your smartphone or tablet is still under warranty, it is best to contact the service center, because if you flash the device by yourself, you will lose the warranty. But if the warranty expired, you can try to flash the device by yourself: it is simple enough, and you can find lots of information about it in the Internet.

Configuring the router

To understand if the problem is in your router, you should just go to someone or find a free hotspot in a public place and connect to it. If the connection is stable, then you should look for a mistake in your router.

If you have noticed that the Android device constantly reconnects to the Wi-Fi, then your device simply cannot get the IP-address or authenticate.

The first step is to go to the router parameters and check if the DHCP server is turned on. This function automatically assigns IP-addresses to all subscriber units. If this function is disabled, your device will be unable to get an address and to connect. In the router parameters, go to the «LAN» section and enable DHCP, by checking the appropriate line or by selecting "Allow".

DHCP server on

Authentication error indicates that you simply made a mistake when entering a password. Types of encryption may also differ. In the router parameters, go to «Wi-Fi». Here, select the "Security Settings". Set the encryption type: WPA-PSKWPA2-PSK mixed.

Types of encryption

In addition, check the standard of Wi-Fi that the router is using. Go to the "Basic settings" section and select «Wi-Fi». Ideally you should choose 802.11 bgn mixed. If this is not possible, try alternately choose one or the other standard and connect the smartphone.

Android sometimes drops Wi-Fi because of freezing of the router: it is easy to verify by connecting another device to the router. Try to restart the router. If this does not work, then the problem lies in its firmware. In this case, download the updated version of the software for your access point from the official website and install it.

What to do if the Wi-Fi is turned off on Android device: Video

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