Among the huge number of functions that are offered by the Android operating system, there are some features that users don’t know. They relate mainly to “developer mode” and everything associated with the root rights. In this article, we will consider in detail how to print via Bluetooth from Android.


Programs overview

There are several programs for wireless printing:

  • The first app is PrinterShare. You can find it here. It is simple to use this app. You must download and install it, then run it

    Download app

    in the main menu, press “Select”


    and specify “Bluetooth printer”.

The search will begin


When the printer will be found, you will need to add it.

After adding, Bluetooth peripheral device on Android should install drivers. Usually, this procedure happens automatically. Once this is done, you can go directly to the printing. To do this, go back to the main menu; select the document you want to print and click “Print”


  • The second program is PrintHand. You can download it here. The algorithm of this application is similar. You will need to go to the main menu

    Main menu

    select the file you are going to print and click “Print”.

    File for print

Then the application will ask to install a printer. If you have not done it yet, choose «Bluetooth».


The search will begin.

Device searching

After finding the device, you can start printing.

Some nuances

Although programs for pairing the printer through the wireless module have many advantages, in some cases, their use is not recommended. For example, when there is a risk that the connection will be interrupted, the document will not be printed correctly (of course, this happens very rarely, but it happens).

Therefore, if there is no emergency, it is better to use the traditional method (cable connection).

We reviewed two popular applications for Bluetooth printing from Android. Due to the simplicity and functionality of the operating system, almost everyone will be able to deal with using them.

Android print via Bluetooth: Video

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