Mobile devices based on the Android operating system are widespread. Variety of tasks is carried out with their help. They almost completely replace the computer. Now it's even easier to print documents directly from tablets and smartphones. The mobile Bluetooth printer for Android devices was introduced to the world.

Bluetooth printer for Android

Before turning to mobile Bluetooth printer for Android, note that you can print a particular document using a regular stationary printer. Of course, it must be equipped with a Bluetooth adapter. But nowadays, almost every modern printer has such an adapter.

To contact printing device directly from the Android device, you need to install the appropriate application to your phone (tablet). For example, the PrinterShare program is the most convenient and functional. You can download it from the Play Market. There are both paid and free versions. Of course there are more features and capabilities in the paid version, but you will be able to print resume or any other document using the free version.

After starting the program, click "Choose" at the bottom right corner.

Next, you’ll have to choose the type of the connection to the printer:

  • Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth.
  • USB.
  • Google Cloud.
  • Internet.

We are interested in the second option. Further, the program will ask to enable Bluetooth on your phone and printer (if it is not already done).

After switching on the Bluetooth, the application will search for available wireless printers.

You will be left only to choose your printer from the list and make a connection. Just follow the instructions on the screen.

Now go back to the start screen. Here we need to select the type of print:

  • Images .
  • Contacts.
  • Calendar.
  • Messages.
  • Calls.
  • Documents etc.

Select an item that you are interested in. “Message” is the printing of your SMS; “Calls” is the call log printout and so on. If you need to print the text such as a resume in Word or scanned documents, then click "Documents". Then follow the instructions on the screen, select the location where the file is stored (internal phone memory or flash drive), find it and open.

If necessary, update the library (when opening a file, the application will ask for the update, just click "Yes"). At the same time the smartphone (tablet) should be connected to the Internet. After opening the desired file, you can configure the printing (select the printer and set some parameters). To do this, click "Configure". To start printing from Android via Bluetooth printer, click "Print". As you can see, everything is very simple.

Mobile printer for Android

Of course, the above-described method is quite convenient, but home printer cannot be taken with you, and if necessary, you cannot print a document, image or other file on the street. And it is unlikely that you will take a stationary printer along on a trip, for example, on business trips. But recently the world has seen the mobile Bluetooth printer for Android devices – SWIZ PP-38T5.

This invention greatly simplifies users' lives. This device works on the accumulator, so you can turn it on in the street, sitting on a park bench. In this case it will not be difficult to connect the smartphone (tablet). You can use the same program PrinterShare. Of course, the mobile Bluetooth printer for Android devices is not a very useful thing for every day. It is a pointless toy for the average user. In addition, it is quite expensive. For example, mobile printers from Brother cost $850. Of course, there are less expensive models, but in any case, their value does not fall below 30000 RUR.

However, if you are a businessman or work in a warehouse, in sales and so on, such a device is simply irreplaceable. It allows you to quickly and easily print the unique checks, bar codes, etc. At the same time you get a high-resolution thermal printing (203 dpi). The print speed is amazing (80 mm per second). The gadget is designed in such a way, that if necessary you can quickly and easily replace paper.

Thanks to this invention, the Bluetooth printing from your Android phone just got easier. But you must understand that the size of the device does not allow you to work even with the A4 format. SWIZ PP-38T5 is small and thus it is mobile.

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