Android Wi-Fi hotspot is not workingMany users of smartphones and tablets on the Android platform know that they can be used to distribute Wi-Fi. Moreover, this network can provide access to the mobile internet. But sometimes there is a problem when Wi-Fi hotspot is not working on the Android device.

It is quite simple to share the Internet via Wi-Fi from your tablet or smartphone on Android OS. But, sometimes it can be a problem when the Wi-Fi hotspot is not working on Android.


Why the Android Wi-Fi hotspot is not working

There could be several reasons:

  • The firewall blocks this function.
  • A virus or some application affects the wireless network settings.
  • Failure of the OS.

The first option assumes that the antivirus is installed on your device. Its system of protection can block such functions. In this case, simply remove the antivirus. As a rule, in most cases this is the main reason why the error occurs when using Wi-Fi hotspot on Android.

If it did not help, then move further. The second option is some third-party application that can make changes to the configuration of the wireless connection, or the virus. It is quite simple to find a virus, but searching for an application that affects the network settings is much more complicated.

In the first case, simply install antivirus and scan your smartphone or tablet. In the second case, you must one by one remove applications that, one way or another, are related to Wi-Fi connection (the method of trial and error). If this does not help, you should move on to more drastic measures – factory reset or flashing.

Also, sometimes the Wi-Fi hotspot on Android works, but there is no access to the Internet. Here, the first step is to make sure you have turned on the mobile Internet. It is done in the settings. Go to “Mobile Data” and simply put a check mark in the appropriate line. In older versions of Android OS the desired item can be called “Packet data”.

Mobile Data

Run Mobile Data

Also, often wrong network configuration affects the possibility of accessing the mobile Internet. To set it up, you just need to call customer support of your carrier and ask to send automatic settings. They come as an SMS. You just have to confirm their application.

Full factory reset and elimination of the Android OS failure

Quite often many problems, including the network tethering, arise because of the operating system failure. First of all, you can perform a hard reset to factory settings. You should remember that after such a reset you will lose all data on the device’s internal memory. Therefore, it is better to pre-save all the information on your computer.

To perform the reset, go to the settings and select the tab “Accounts”. Here, select “Backup and Reset”. Next, simply select “Factory data reset” and follow the instructions on the screen.

Factory data reset

In some rare cases, the error can lurk in incorrect operation of the firmware. These problems can occur if you rooted your device and got into the system archive, deleted an important file or changed the developer settings. Sometimes, in some very rare cases, failure occurs itself for unexplained reasons.

In such a case, before taking the smartphone to the service center just try to upgrade the software. Enter the system settings. Go to the tab “Options” and scroll to “About phone” line. On older versions of Android just descend to the bottom of the menu and select the specified partition. Here you will find the category “Software Update”.

About phone

Software Update

If the problem with the Wi-Fi hotspot on Android was not resolved, it remains only to flash your device. You can do this by yourself. But if you are an inexperienced user, it is best to seek assistance from professionals.

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