Why is WiFi not workingIn addition to calls you use your device to have the access to the Internet. However, it often happens that WiFi is not working on Android. What should you do in such situation? Of course you can contact the service center and ask the professionals to help.

But you will have to pay money. So you can try to find and fix the problem yourself. At first, lets analyze why such an error may occur.


Why is WiFi not working on your Android Phone?

In fact, there are many reasons why the Wi-Fi doesn’t work on Android phones. The approach to this problem should be individual. But still there are several of the most common problems and decisions for them.

The most common problems with wireless connection on Android devices are:

  • The WiFi doesn’t turn on
  • It turns on, but doesn’t connect to the network
  • It connects to the router, but not to the Internet.
  • Authentication error.

There are other problems, but they are less common and they need to be solved individually.

The wireless module doesn’t turn on

Very often, after updating the software users complain that the WiFi stopped working on Android. The reason for this isn’t clear, but there may be several solutions. The first thing you should try is to open your phone menu and check for updates manually.

To do this, go to settings and select “About phone”.

About phone

Next, go to “Software Update” and click “Update”.

Software Update

The system automatically offers to make it via Wi-Fi. If it does not work, try to connect to the mobile Internet and repeat the procedure. In some cases, the problem is hidden in the fact that one of the system files wasn’t installed. After re-update the problem will be solved.

If the reason is not related to software, you can perform a factory reset. Of course, you will lose some data, but it can be saved before resetting, for example, on a computer.

So, in order to do a factory reset, go to the smartphone settings and choose the “Backup and Reset”.

Smartphone settings

Backup and Reset

Some Android versions may have different path to this menu. For example, this function may be hiding in the “Privacy” tab. After resetting, try to turn the Wi-Fi again. If you have an antivirus installed on your phone, try to turn it off. Often it blocks the possibility of turning the Wi-Fi on.

If this does not help, means that there was a failure in the software work. In that case you will have to flash your smartphone. Note that if you do it yourself, you will lose the warranty. Therefore, if the phone is still under warranty, it will be best to take it to an authorized service center.

Adapter turned on, but didn’t connect to the network

Often, if talking about the Wi-Fi not working on Android, we mean that the module turned on. But when you try to connect to a network, the error appears, or the device is constantly trying to get the IP-address. In this case, a solution must be sought not only in the phone but also in the access point.

If your smartphone cannot get the IP-address, it means that the DHCP is disabled on the router. This is a feature that automatically gives the address to subscribers. I.e. when you try to connect to an access point, your smartphone makes a request for an IP; the router automatically generates the address and assigns it to your phone. This function is enabled in the settings of the router. You need to login the LAN settings and allow (or enable) DHCP server.

DHCP server on

You can also manually assign an IP on your android device. This is done in the Wi-Fi settings. When the system displays a list of available connections, press and hold on the network which configuration you want to change, until you see the table with options for further action. Select “Modify network”. Here you must enter the password and put a checkmark in the “Show advanced options” line.

Modify network

Show advanced options

This will bring up a few extra lines. In the DHCP line, select “Static IP”. You will see a few more items that you need to fill manually.

Static IP

Then save the settings and try to connect to the network. It is worth noting that this is the most common reason, why Wi-Fi is not working on android devices.

If the system displays an authentication error, it indicates that you have incorrectly entered the password, or the encryption type is not supported by your phone. Check the password and the router settings.

Why is Wi-Fi not working on your Android phone: Video

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