In this topic we will show how widely you can use Wі-Fi in your Android smartphone. We will explain the basics, such as how to connect the Android phone to Wі-Fі hotspot. We also will tell you about more complex operations, such as the ability to share the Wі-Fi connection from Android.


Connecting to an access point

This method provides the ability to connect your smartphone to any wireless network in order to access the Internet or to work with all devices in the same network. In order to connect to Wі-Fі network, perform the following steps.

  1. Open your phone settings
  2. Select the Wi-Fi line.


  3. Turn the Wі-Fi module on.

    Turn the Wі-Fi On

  4. Select the desired network by clicking on its title.
  5. Click the “Connect” button.


  6. If necessary, enter the security key, and then click “Connect”.

    Enter the security key

After these steps, the smartphone will be connected to a network. You can see this in the “Wi-Fі networks” window: the “connected” status will be written under the name of your network. In the future, it will be possible to work with other devices in the network and to use the Internet (if this connection is provided by a router or network provider).


Connecting your PC to Androіd

Next, we will describe how to connect a PC to Android via Wі-Fі, in order to be able to access the files lying on Android from your PC (with the possibility of opening, downloading, uploading new and delete existing files).

The simplest way to do it is to use the ES File Explorer that has a built-in function called “FTP server”. This feature allows you to access files from the PC in several ways: through a file explorer (using well-known Total Commander), or through any browser. In the latter case, it is possible only to read and to download files without the possibility of uploading to Android.

Note: your phone and PC must be connected to the same router for successful connection.

In order to create a FTP connection, follow the instructions.

  1. Download, install and launch the ES Еxplorer on your smartphone.
  2. In the program window click the “Menu” button located at the top left side (three horizontal lines).
  3. Select the “Remote Access”.

    ES Explorer Remote Access

  4. Click the “Enable WLAN”, and then you will see the IP address of your FTP server.

    Enable FTP

On your PC, in the “path” line of the Explorer window, write the IP address that is listed on your smartphone and press Enter. Now you can access the files on your Androіd device.

How to share Wі-Fі from Android

As promised, we’ll show you how to make the Wі-Fi router from Android phone, so you can connect with other devices in a network (including laptops). Also you will be able to distribute Internet provided by your carrier for devices that are connected to you. That is, you can to do a portable Android Wі-Fі router using your phone, and you will be able to go online from your PC.

We will show you instructions on how to setup the Wі-Fі hotspot for Android.

  1. Go to smartphone settings.
  2. Open the “General modem and networks”.


  3. Click “Wі-Fі access point”.

    Wі-Fі access point

  4. For finer tuning select the “Create a Wі-Fi access point”.

    Create a Wі-Fi access point

  5. In the window that opens, type the name of your network in the “Name” line.

    Name of point

  6. In the “Password” line, enter the desired password or remove it by selecting “Open” in the “Security”.


    Security of point

    Note: in order to avoid unnecessary costs, it is recommended to set a password, so that outsiders could not use your internet connection, which may be limited.

  7. Click “Save”


  8. At the top right side, find the switch and turn on the Wі-Fi router mode on Androіd.


Applications to make your connection easier

There is software for Android phones that makes the setup of Wі-Fi router mode much easier. You can find these applications in Google Play. As a rule, their task is to simplify the connection creation by reducing the steps to one single step. Please note applications such as: Pоrtablе Wі-Fi hоtspot. They have the same functionality, but the first works by running a shortcut from the desktop.

Pоrtablе Wі-Fi hоtspot

The second app has an interactive widget that works in a single click, and also has information indicators that show you the status of your access point. The red indicator means that the access point is turned off, flashing green with blue – that the access point is turning on, blue – that the network is active and works.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Widget

How to manage the Wi-Fi from Androіd phone: Video

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