Bluetooth SecurityIn this topic, we want to talk about the safety on Android devices, hacking via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks. We will find out the relevance of this issue and give examples of who should pay particular attention to the safety of his gadget and data stored in it.


The urgency of the problem

The mass migration of cellular and mobile communication users to smartphones has established high demands on their safety and security: smartphones are often used in business, and they store important data, which is not always desirable to share. If you are an active user of one of these devices, and you care about your privacy on it, use our tips.

How to close the access to data via Wi-Fi

You should always pay attention to the Wi-Fi networks: no matter where and how you have connected, whether it is a router of the company, the network in a cafe, park or anywhere else. The fact is that such networks are vulnerable to attacks, and they can be hacked even if there is a powerful WPA2 encryption.

If you connect to hacked access point, an attacker can get access to information stored in your device.

We recommend avoiding these connections if there is no great need.

When you are not using the wireless module, disconnect it to prevent automatic connection to a public access point. This is done as follows:

  1. Go to the device settings.


  2. Choose «Wi-Fi».


  3. At the top right corner of the display, set the passive status of the module. (The activation occurs by a similar method.)

    Set the passive status

Bluetooth security

Hacking via Bluetooth is also widespread. Previously, this hacking technique has not been widespread, since for its implementation a hacker had to be in a radius of up to 10 meters away from the desired device. However, today this wireless technology has a much larger radius of coverage, which makes Bluetooth hacking chances to grow. For example, thieves use scanning via Bluetooth to find and keep track of expensive smartphones in public places.

Another method is a virus that is designed for Android system, and it is sent via Bluetooth. If the Bluetooth is always on and the device receives files automatically, one of these viruses can get into the system, masquerading as some useful program, and it will wait until the user wants to install it. Most often, the main purpose of such viruses is to send an SMS to a special number, which leads to the devastation of the balance on the user’s account.

It is easy to protect yourself from the described threats, you only need to ensure that the wireless module is not enabled without the need, and the hidden mode is turned on.

To enable or disable Bluetooth, do the following:

  1. Open the settings.


  2. Tap «Bluetooth».


  3. On the top right, you will see a slider, which is responsible for the state of activity of this type of communication.

    Turn Bluetooth on

  4. To activate the hidden mode, in the active state remove the tick in front of the name of your smartphone. After these steps, even if the wireless connection is enabled, other users will not be able to detect your smartphone.

    Remove the tick

How to protect your phone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Video

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