Wi-Fi network is not in rangeWi-Fi network is not in range on Android? This frequent problem can occur for various reasons. Moreover, it does not depend on the model and manufacturer of the device. The matter is in the Android OS and in the parameters of access point.

So, let’s analyze why there is a problem, when Wi-Fi is not in range? How to solve it? Note that this is very simple and everyone can solve this problem.


Why Android does not see the connection

There may be several reasons:

  • The user is outside of the access point coverage.
  • Network is hidden in the router parameters.
  • Failure of the router.
  • Differing standards of Wi-Fi and other access point parameters.
  • Failure of the wireless module.
  • Incorrect operation of the software.

Often, users hide their network to improve protection. In this case, no device can detect it. And in order to connect to it, you need to create the connection manually. So, let us analyze all these points in details.

Most often, the smartphone does not see the available connections because of the fact that you just came out of the coverage area. The fact is that due to the small size of the device the antenna of wireless network adapter was made smaller. This in turn affected the quality of the reception signal. Just try to get closer to the router.

Checking the router parameters

The first and most common problem is associated with the fact that the connection is hidden in the router parameters in order to improve safety. In this case, neither laptop, nor other smartphone or tablet will see it. In other words, the Wi-Fi network is not available on Android.

There are two solutions:

  • To create a connection manually on Android device.
  • To configure the access point and to open the connection.

To create a connection manually on Android device, you should go to the Wi-Fi settings. Here, turn on the wireless adapter and scroll the page to the bottom. Click “Add Wi-Fi network”.

Add Wi-Fi network

In the window that appears, you have to specify the name of your connection, select the type of data encryption, and enter the password. These data must match exactly to what is specified in the parameters of the router.

Connection Setup on Android

The second option is to open the connection in parameters of the router. To do this, connect to it using a computer or laptop via cable and log in parameters menu. Further actions we will show on the example of the D-Link Dir-320 router.

Open the “Setup” and go to “Internet connection setup”. Click on “Manual Internet Connection Setup”.

Connection Setup on dir 320

Here you will find the «Hidden Wireless» line. If it is checked, uncheck it. This is our needed function.

Hidden Wireless off

In addition, these problems can arise due to the mismatch of the Wi-Fi standards. In this case you need to return to the access point parameters, and check the mode in which it operates. It is best to set the mixed type here. In other words, the router will broadcast Wi-Fi in all standards – DGN. Another reason is the mismatch of encryption types. In the router parameters you should set WPA-PSKWPA2-PSK mixed (or just mixed).

Encryption Setup on dir 320

Sometimes devices cannot find an available connection as a result of the failure of the router. In that case, just restart it and try to search again.

Failure of the Android OS

In order to make sure that the problem really lies in Android OS, you should try to connect to other networks, such as the access point of your friends or in public places. If your Android smartphone is constantly not finding Wi-Fi, then the problem is not in the router.

First, try to turn off and turn on the wireless adapter. If this does not help, restart your tablet or phone. If you have already tried everything, and none of that helped, it’s time to move on to more decisive actions. Try to update the software. Also you should try to do a factory reset.

Sometimes, there may be a failure of the firmware. In this case, if you are an experienced user, you can try to flash the device by yourself. However, it is advisable to contact the service center.

Wi-Fi network is not in range on Android: Video

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