Wi-Fi identifier on AndroidTo understand how to get the Wi-Fi identifier on Android, you should know what it is and why it is needed. Nowadays Android devices are in great demand. Also, the standard 802.11 of wireless communication became widespread.

So, first let's look at what is the Wi-Fi SSID in Android. Why is it needed and how to find it when you connect your smartphone or tablet with this operating system? This will allow better understanding of the connection procedure and the principle of such networks operation.


What is the SSID?

Literally abbreviation stands for Service Set Identifier. Thus, it becomes clear that this is the name of the network. When we want to connect to an access point, we turn on the wireless adapter and the system detects available connections. We only see a list of connections. Each one has its own name.

List of available connections

If you hide the Service Set Identifier, then the system will not see the name. In other words, the connection will be hidden, and we won’t be able to connect to it. To create a connection, we need to know the Service Set Identifier of the router. So, the network SSID for Wi-Fi in Android is needed to connect to an access point.

Users can set absolutely any name for their network. This is done in the parameters of the router; see "Wireless connection setup".

Wireless connection setup

You should have no problems with that, as it is very easy and understandable. But how can we get the Service Set Identifier of the connection?

How to find a wireless connection on Android

If the connection is not hidden in the router parameters, the name of the connection is transmitted continuously and automatically. In other words, when the wireless communication module is activated, the system automatically finds routers that are available for connection and their identifiers.

You do not need to configure anything. You simply select the desired name from the list and enter the password (if required). The device will automatically connect. Another thing, if the question is how to find hidden wireless network on Android?

Detecting and connecting to a hidden router

Often, in order to increase security, users hide their access point that no one else cannot see it and cannot connect to it. Of course, there is a password protection, but there arecraftsmen who can bypass or crack such locks. Therefore, in order to avoid even hacking attempts, you can simply hide the router. In this case, it simply will not be detected.

But note that the Wi-Fi broadcasting does not stop. That is, the Internet is distributed as before. Only the name of the router is not transmitted. It simply hides. But, in fact, both computer and smartphone detect such an access point, but without ID. As a rule, the attacker can easily bypass such security measures because there are many programs to work in such conditions. Therefore, the best protection for your data is a type of encryption WPAWPA2 and complex password that contains numbers and letters. And the key is to have regular and capital characters.

You can connect to such a router only if you know the name and password. But how can we find the SSID on the Android phone, if we do not know the name of the router? To do this, there are applications that are able to detect hidden access points.

In any case, to connect to a hidden access point, you will need to manually enter the name and password in the connection settings on your android device. To do this, open the settings menu and go to the section "Connections".


Choose «Wi-Fi». Next, turn on the wireless adapter. Flip over to the bottom of the page and tap on the button "Add network".

Add network

In the window that opens, you will need to manually enter the following parameters:

  1. Service Set Identifier of the connection.
  2. Security Type (if needed).
  3. Password (if needed).

    Manual connection settings

Remember that all settings must match exactly to the parameters specified in the router. The slightest mistake (or typo) will lead to the fact that you just will not be able to connect.

Now you know how to find the name of the Wi-Fi network on Android, even if the access point is hidden. In addition, such routers will not cause problems for you. After all, everything is very simple and easy.

What is the SSID, and how to get the Wi-Fi identifier on Android: Video

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