Bluetooth profiles on AndroidIf you once paid attention to the technical instructions on the box of a brand new headset, you probably have seen something like this: «The headset is compatible with devices that support the Bluetooth HFP in Android» etc. So let us see what it means and how to understand, whether the earphone is suitable for your phone.


About the profiles

HFP stands for Hands-Free Profile. At the first step, let us find out, what is the profile. In our case, the profile is the standardization of the functions for parameters of each device with Bluetooth.


Let us consider the types of the Android Bluetooth Profiles that are compatible with headsets:

  1. A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution) – the most popular profile, which is responsible for supporting the transmission or reception of high-quality audio content.
  2. AVRCP (Audio; Video Remote Control) – It allows to perform the remote control over the device and it can work together with the A2DP.
  3. HSP (Headset Profile) – It is needed to connect a wireless headset to the phone. It includes features, such as the ability to make and answer the calls, finish the conversation, change the volume during a conversation.
    If the version of the wireless module is 1.2 and above, this standard allows to transmit all the sounds to the headset (system, audio content, sounds in games and so on). Headsets that have this support can receive and play stereo sound.
  4. HFP (Hands-Free Profile) – The profile, with which we began our article. It is needed to work with a wireless headset, because it is used when connecting a headset and smartphone. It transmits the mono sound via one channel, which is enough for a phone call.

How to choose the periphery

When purchasing the periphery to the gadget, nobody wants to be in a situation when Android Bluetooth handsfree profile is not supported on your model. So how to understand, what standards are supported by a particular model of smartphone or tablet?

To do this, on the site, where you are going to purchase the item, read about the standards that should be maintained for proper operation. Then, visit the official website of the phone manufacturer. Open the support or characteristics section (which describes all the hardware features) and find out if the necessary profile is supported. Only when you are sure that everything is OK, you can feel free to order the accessories.

Supported standards

Bluetooth profiles on Android: Video

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