Voice recognition from Bluetooth-headset on AndroidIn this article, we will tell about the voice commands for Android Bluetooth headset. We will show how to activate this function, discuss the pros and cons of this method.



Let us tell you about the strengths of this method. If you use a normal voice input, it is necessary to say all the commands close to your phone, because the system needs to hear your voice clearly and distinctly. This method may be inconvenient in certain situations. The situation can be corrected if you connect a Bluetooth headset and pronounce commands using it. You will be able to hold a smartphone in your hands.

In addition, commands such as “OK, Google, set the alarm for 7 am” do not require the participation of the smartphone. It will be enough to make sure that the headset is within range of the radio module and to activate the “Recognition from all applications”.


The weaknesses include the fast discharge of your headset, since it is active almost all the time, waiting for a new “OK, Google” command. Also, when “From any screen” mode is enabled, almost all devices have problems with the camera. When recording video, you can see the message “Microphone is busy” and it is impossible to play the video. In such a case, it is necessary to disable the speech recognition method.


If you don’t mind all the advantages and disadvantages, you can proceed to settings.

  1. In the device menu, find and run the «Google» application.

    «Google» application

  2. In the main window, make a swipe from left to right.


  3. In the pop-up menu, select “Settings”.

    Pop-up menu

  4. Click “Voice “.


  5. Activate the switch near the “Bluetooth headset”.

    Bluetooth headset

After these steps, the commands will be translated to the microphone of the headset.

If you want the control to work no matter what you have launched on your phone, do the following:

  1. Go to the “Ok Google Detection”.

    Ok Google Detection

  2. Activate the rocker “From any screen”.

    From any screen

Note: when this function is enabled, the battery of the headset will discharge faster and there will be problems with audio recording during filming the video.

Another method is to use the icon “Voice search”.

Voice search

When selecting it from the menu, you will see a special window: you will need to say commands in it.

Application in search

Using this method, you will not face the above problems.


Voice dial from Bluetooth on Android is automatically activated after the “Voice commands via Bluetooth», but you can check this via the settings menu.

  1. Go to the “Settings”.


  2. Select “Language&input”.


  3. Make sure there is a tick next to “Google voice typing”. Press the gear icon.

    Google voice typing

  4. The last item in the list must be activated.

    Bluetooth headset

To activate the voice input, press the microphone icon above the keyboard when you are typing.

Microphone icon

After seeing a new pop-up window, begin to pronounce the command.

Text typing

Activation of voice recognition from Bluetooth-headset on Android: Video

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