Logo ofLike any other operating system, Android OS is not ideal, and its speed and performance may degrade in due course. So, every owner of Android tablet or phone should know how to optimize and clear the Android operating system from trash. Today, we will tell you what is RAM cleaner for Android and how it helps to make the device perform as good as it was new.


Potential damage of lost files

If the phone or tablet is actively used, it will have big amount of installed applications. These programs can clog the device’s memory, forcing it to work slower. After being removed, the unnecessary applications leave traces of their activity (lost files), that take the memory space and influence the performance of the system. Various programs and games unreasonably inflate their caches by saving unnecessary information and devouring precious space in the memory. All listed factors turn your feature-rich and quick device into slowpoke, which cannot be compared to the state it was in at the time of purchase.

General advices on the performance optimization

There is a wide variety of cleaning apps for Android. But in order to make sure that your phone or tablet keeps its working capacity as long as possible, it is enough to follow a few simple rules. They are not a universal panacea, but at least they will help to keep the operating system running better.

So, in order to optimize and accelerate the work of the Android OS, follow these rules:

  1. Install only the programs that you need and you know exactly why they are good to you. Do not download and install unnecessary programs or games. Frequent installations and removals of programs will probably clog the cache of your smartphone.
  2. Remove unused applications that are built in the firmware. Manufacturers often like to advertise their products or services in such a way. These programs are often useless for us, but they take up precious space in the permanent memory of the device. Then, use the phone cleaner app of your choice to clear the traces of apps.
  3. Move the applications to the SD card. Most modern devices allow doing it to free up space in the main memory. Do it for all applications that allow such transfer.

    Removing unused applications

  4. Turn off ads in apps. Almost all free applications for Android have built-in ads, which cannot be removed by conventional methods. This is the price for the fact that we can use the application free of charge. Removing ads is very simple; you just need to have an ad blocker.

However, the simplest way to purify the cache is to use the RAM cleaner for the mobile device. Let us talk about its characteristic features in more detail.

About the application

Therefore, in this review we will talk specifically about the program called “One click RAM Cleaner” by the Irexsoft developers. You can purchase it from the Amazon store via this link. The cleaner is permissible for Android 1.5 and higher.

The “One click RAM Cleaner” app is the RAM optimizer with minimal functionality, performing exactly what its name says. The program will remove the files that will never be used anymore, thus increasing the memory space and prolonging the battery life. It allows terminating the threatening programs and processes or release memory, which is occupied by listed processes.

Liste of optimized processes

The best feature of this RAM cleaner is the possibility to create a widget on the home screen. If necessary, there is a possibility to add an icon of the program to your launcher. The “One click RAM Cleaner” app requires no root permission.


As shown above, there is a few useful tips that can help with keeping the Android device and optimizing its performance.

“One Click RAM Cleaner” app will be the best phone cleaning app for users who want to optimize performance of their devices with as little effort as possible. This app is very easy to use and understandable. It allows clearing cache or data files in order to get more available storage space just in one click. Besides, the cleaner doesn’t require root permission. Thereby, if once somebody asks you how to clean RAM, you will know the exact answer!

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