Logo of the programProbably most of Amazon Kindle Fire users had a problem of running out of memory on their devices. This problem appears because the software which is installed on the tablet are running in background and performing certain actions that may occupy memory and storage. When applications run in the background, phones and tablets can run out of battery much faster and eventually slow down. The apps with notifications or those ones which scan for updates are the most battery consuming. There are several methods that will help you to clean up your tablet, including the special programs which are similar to the Android cleaners.


How to clear up space

Before talking about the special program for your Kindle tablet, let us speak about general tips that will prevent quick clogging of the device.

Do not store unnecessary data

If your Kindle Fire starts running out of memory space, the first thing you should think about is deleting any electronic books, songs, videos or programs that you do not need anymore.

Use the Kindle Cloud

The Kindle Fire tablets come with their own cloud storage. You can store rarely used files in your cloud and download them only when you need them.

Icon of Kindle Cloud

Delete the cache manually

When you use a program on your Kindle Fire, it usually stores temporary files in the tablet’s RAM. A lot of apps clear the mess up after themselves, but others can help with the cache clogging. You can clear each prodram’s cache manually, without using a special memory cleaner app. To do this, go to the settings of your device and open the “Applications” tab. Then, choose the desired program, click “Storage,” and then click the “Clear Data” button.

Delete the files from the PC

Another solution that we can suggest is to connect your device to the computer. After connecting, you will be able to see which unnecessary data is still present on your device. This solution was helpful for many Kindle Fire users.

Quite a few files, which were shown on the PC, were not visible on the tablet. Note that you should be careful in order not to delete any system or important files by accident.

Use the special software

Since there are lots of Android cleaner apps in the market, Amazon developers created similar software for the Kindle Fire. Such programs allow clearing up tablet’s space and memory automatically. One of the best desires is Memory Cleaner for Kindle Fire. The software is very small and it takes just few megabytes of memory space. Unlike other programs, it does not take additional storage after being installed.

Apps on Kindle Fire

About the program

The functions of this phone cleaner app include:

  • RAM and history cleaning;
  • managing the background apps;
  • viewing the cache memory.

The Memory Cleaner for Fire is available for download via this link. Of course, there are lots of proposals from other companies, but exact this application is much more simple and intuitively clear.

Menu of Memory Cleaner for Fire

The software can help with keeping your tablet in its original condition just in one tap. It is one of the most advanced and easy to use cache cleaners you can find. It also allows deleting your browser history, reviewing the cache memory, RAM usage and total internal memory to analyze which apps take the most space.


The widespread problem of slow the Fire performance bothers many users. Amazon tablet owners take numerous videos and photos or load plenty of programs, which can affect the device’s operation. In order to save your Kindle Fire’s performance in its original state, you can follow simple advices to clean the memory of your device or use the special programs. These applications will help you to unclog your device’s memory so that it will perform better. We reviewed one of the most popular app cache cleaner apps, which will allow deleting any junk data it finds on your tablet.

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