AndroidDevelopers of the Android operating system are constantly releasing updates, which users can quickly and easily install on their smartphone or tablet. One of the latest updates is version 4.3. But after the OS upgrade, users have noticed that the Wi-Fi adapter is always turned on.


Why do we need constantly working Wi-Fi module?

Do not be afraid. It is a new feature. But if Wi-Fi is always enabled on Android, then the battery life will decrease. Moreover, now you even may not be able to completely disable the module manually. So why do you need it?

Note that the module does not work at a full power. In this mode it consumes less power, but it is able to constantly be in the state of network scanning. If there is an available Wi-Fi network for the connection, the device connects to it automatically.

Such a function is needed in order to more accurately determine your location. This means that applications such as "Maps" and similar apps will work constantly in the background, which in turn will also affect battery life. Not only that Wi-Fi works in the sleep mode of your Android device, but also some applications are constantly active.

How it will affect the battery

The question of autonomy is quite logical in this case. But at the moment no reasoned conclusions can be made. We can only hope that Google will optimize this function and will make energy consumption moderate.


Of course, if you consider this innovation superfluous and unnecessary, this function can be switched off. This will not only reduce battery consumption, but also speed up your smartphone a bit, because the RAM will be cleared and the data processing load of the processor will decrease.

So, how to turn off constantly working wireless module?

Disabling the accurate determination of location function

You've probably already realized that the Wi-Fi on Android 4.3 does not turn off in the usual way. In order to completely disable the constantly active mode of available networks scanning, you need to go to the device settings. Then go to the settings of Wi-Fi. Here you need to find the "Additional functions" item.

Android Jelly Bean

Now it remains to find the section "Always search for the network" and uncheck it. Of course, if you need to re-enable this function, follow these steps and put a check mark in the appropriate line. So that users themselves may decide whether to use these capabilities or don’t.

Moreover, the developers themselves are not sure whether it is needed to include this capability into the new versions of Android. It was only a test version, one of the many opportunities that are developed at Google Company.

Wi-Fi adapter is permanently switched on Android: Video

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