It is often desirable to access the Internet if you have only your smartphone as the source of the network. There are many ways, and they all have positive and negative sides. One of the simple ways to access the network is to use Bluetooth modem for Android.


Instructions for this method

It is necessary to make these actions on your smartphone:

  1. Go to the "Settings".


  2. Click "More".

    Wirelles and net

  3. Press "Tethering".


  4. Check the box "Bluetooth modem". In case of successful pairing, you will be notified that your gadget is working in this operating mode.

    Bluetooth Tethering

Now the configuration of the device is finished and it is ready to connect. Now you need to make an online Bluetooth connection between two devices. In this example, we will pair the computer running the Windows 8.1 and the tablet running the Android 4.1. Make sure you have disconnected Wi-Fi on both devices.

On your computer, you must perform these actions:

  1. Go to the "Control Panel".

    Control Panel

  2. Open "Hardware and Sound".

    Hardware and sound

  3. Click "Devices and Printers".


  4. On the toolbar, click "Add a device", but previously enable the wireless data transmission module on the computer.
  5. Add your tablet to the list of found devices, and confirm your choice.


  6. Compare the passcode to pair your devices.


  7. Right-click the name of the connected device, press "Connect through", "Access point".

    Adding a device

If the connection to the Internet via Bluetooth was successful, the display will show: "The device works successfully as a modem", and you will see the icon on the computer, which means having access to the network.

Access to the Internet using a smartphone and applications

There are also Bluetooth Internet tethering applications for Android. They will be the way for those who prefer not to delve into the settings. For example, there is a very convenient application «BlueVPN [DUN client]», it is available here. We will try to use it to share the Internet from your smartphone to the tablet. Check if the PAN protocol is supported on both devices, because it is required.

To do this, make the necessary configurations:

  1. Go to Google Play and find the suggested application. Install and open it.

    Bluedun open

  2. Click "Start the service".

    Start service

  3. You will be asked to confirm the request, click "Yes".


  4. Pair the tablet with a smartphone.


  5. In the application menu, select the connected device.
  6. Connection will occur automatically, you can now comfortably enjoy using the network.

Thus, you now can share the Internet via Bluetooth on Android, which will allow you to make access to the network without connecting to Wi-Fi or LAN. In the examples, we discussed the main ways to use wireless data transmission technology. This will allow you to get online effortlessly, when the main Internet connection methods are impossible. We hope you will find it useful.

How to use the Bluetooth modem for Android: Video

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