Unfortunately, people often ask the question why the Wi-Fi on Android device is slow. It all depends not only on your smartphone or tablet, but also on your access point. In other words, you need to look for the problem in the router parameters.

But do not forget that frequent cause of slow connection is incorrect work of Android OS or mobile browser. So, let’s analyze everything step by step.


Why the speed of Wi-Fi connection is slow on Android

Slow speed of Wi-Fi connection may be caused by:

  • Data encryption type in WPA2 router parameters.
  • WMM is disabled.
  • Mismatch of the wireless network mode.
  • Malfunction of the Android operating system.
  • Using browser with bugs (errors).

Let’s take a closer look at all these items.

The access point configuration

To start, connect to the router with a laptop or desktop PC via Wi-Fi or cable. Open a browser and write the IP of access point in the address bar. The IP address is usually indicated on the router or in its instructions. Now, you need to log in. To do this, enter your login and password – admin, admin, respectively.

Log in

These values are set by default. Further actions are shown on the example of the D-Link Dir-320 router.

So, go to the section “Wireless connection setup”. Select “Manual wireless connection setup”.

Wireless connection setup of the D-link DIR-320

Go down to the bottom of the page. In the “Wireless security mode” category select «WPAWPA2 extended”. In other models of routers the encryption type can be called «WPA-PSKWPA2PSK mixed». In fact, it is the same. Slightly lower, select TKIPAES (both modes work).

If this does not work, you can try to turn off all data encryption. So you turn off the network security system. Try again to connect your phone

WPAWPA2 extended

Network security system

Save the settings.

The wireless network mode choice

Very often, due to the mismatch of Wi-Fi mode, there are various problems between the router and the connected device. One of the problems is a high ping (slow connection speed). You can check this in the router parameters.

Go to the “Advanced Settings” category. Next, open the category “Advanced wireless network settings”. Here you can select the Wi-Fi mode. Try to switch them one by one and check the connection speed.

You can also “play” with channels. As a rule, when the channel is “Auto”, you have no problems. But sometimes it is necessary to specify the most appropriate channel manually. So try to select a channel. To do this, click the “Settings”. Next, go to “Wireless connection setup” and select the manual setup mode. If the “Enable auto channel selection” line is not checked, check it. If the box is checked, then uncheck it and try to assign a channel manually.

If this does not work, then continue. Slightly higher in the “Wireless Network Settings” you will see the item “Enable WMM”. Check this box, and save the settings.

Enable WMM

Often, web pages load slowly on Android devices because of high workload of data channel. In simple terms, one of the connected devices, for example, laptop is downloading something. Because of this, the whole network works slowly. Therefore, try to disable all devices from the router and to leave only your smartphone.

Additionally, your provider may limit the speed. You can simply check this out. Connect to the Internet from any other device. If the speed is slow, the problem is in the connection to the Internet. If everything works fine, but the connection on the Android device is slow, you should check the settings of the latter.

Verifying the settings of Android device

Sometimes the device itself can be slow. This can occur for many reasons, but as a result it will affect the speed of the browser. Try to restart your mobile and to connect again. In addition, often browsers themselves may not work properly. So you should try a few options (for example, Opera, Chrome and standard browser).

Also, the distance from the access point affects the speed of data transfer via Wi-Fi. Accordingly, the farther you are from the source, the slower is the connection. To test the Wi-Fi connection on Android devices, you can use a special application called Wi-Fi Analyzer.

Slow Wi-Fi on your Android device: Video

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