ASDIf you listen to the same music everywhere and every time, you can meet a situation, when you need to make playing the song a little slower. Understanding the lyrics, bass, lead guitar or something else is essential for you. However, it is often very hard to distinguish which notes are played, or what exactly the vocalists are singing. In such a case, the Amazing Slow Downer App for Android would benefit. That’s also a great opportunity for the musicians to learn the cover tunes without any difficulties!


The Advantages of the Application

As you may know, there are several programs, which allow decelerating music online. However, most of the apps reducing everything and you cannot understand anything anymore (the instruments and voices begin to sound weird).

Amazing Slow Downer gives the possibility to slow down music online by changing the tempo. In addition, if it is not necessary to change the pitch, the program will not do it. Therefore, no matter how slow is the playback, you will be able to hear the lyrics and instruments as clearly, as if the song was played at a normal speed.

How to use the program

The app is pretty simple. Even newbie will understand the specificities of this application without having to read any instructions. The paid version of the Slow Downer software for Android are available for the downloading from the Amazon Market here. Also, there is a free lite version of this program (it plays only the first quarter of a file). It requires Android 4.0.0 or better.

Flexible Setup

After downloading and installing the app, open it and choose the song. The tune can be selected from the usual music library or from the Spotify playlist. After this, you will see the main window of the app with the following settings:

The main window

First, you’re given the opportunity to select any interval of your song and create a loop. For example, if you need to learn the chorus from 1:20 to 1:35, the app will create a 15 seconds loop.

The “Pitch” scale changes the semitones of draft song. Any part of it can be played at a full speed, delayed or even speeded up. Modification of the speed is between 25% and 200% (a quarter from the original speed to double speed) without changing the pitch.

The “Mix” button provides the option of changing the volume of the right or left channel of the device.

More experienced users can use an equalizer:

An equalizer

In the “Settings” menu, you’re suggested to select the quantity of loops, configure the playback quality and make other adjustments:



In this article, we have told you about the software to slow down music. This program will be useful for the music teachers, musicians and other enthusiasts. It stands out among similar apps because of its broad capabilities and an intuitive interface. Good luck in learning a new guitar solo!

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