iReal Pro logoToday, we will tell you about one truly useful program for musicians. The iReal Pro app is a powerful tool, which can help both aspiring and experienced musicians to master the art. Speaking briefly, we must admit that this software is a virtual band in your pocket, which will accompany you while you are practicing.


About the app

The program is a perfect tool for a practicing musician. It will be useful in concert, when you need to look up the chords or keys for the tune, as well as in the public transport, when you listen to your favorite band. The application is optimized for both phone and tablet. The tablet’s landscape mode allows you seeing song charts and playlists at the same time.

You can purchase and download this program from the Amazon store for $ 12,99.

First steps

The iReal pro music book & play along app comes with 50 pre-installed exercises. You’ll be offered to start practicing with them immediately.


Thousands of other tunes are proposed to be downloaded for free from the forums.


After downloading the desired song, you choose it in menu and press “Play” to start practicing.

The features of the program

You’ll be offered to change the accompaniment style by pressing the song’s name. The number of repetitions or the tempo can be adjusted by “+”/“–“ button or by moving the slider.

Rhythm Changes

After setting, press the refresh button. The song will be playing from the beginning.

Any chosen tune can be transposed to any of the available keys (there are 12 of them). Click treble clef button to select the necessary one.


The player will play the song in a new key. 

The mixers allow controlling the volumes of the individual instruments (electric guitar/bass or drums) and adjust the reverb. Thus, you will be able to practice playing only the necessary instrument.


To change the instrument, click the icon of the desired one and choose it. For example, you can press this treble clef icon and select the electric guitar instead of acoustic guitar.

If you need to practice a group of measures, you may select and loop them.

Changing Rhythm

Advanced settings

The iReal Pro app is a powerful instrument for experienced and professional musicians. To edit the chords, click the pencil icon and choose “Edit”. Your next step is to press the necessary chord and press the “Chord” button to change the roots, quality and inversion.




You can create a new chord, delete, copy/paste the existing one.

How to create a song

This software allows not only playing along the music tracks, but also creating your very own song. To do this, press the pencil icon and click “New Song”.

You have also an opportunity to create the brand new tune or use the pre-installed templates.

New Song

Export and sharing

The chord charts are proposed to be exported and saved in various formats. Press the sharing icon and choose the desired option:


There is a possibility to:

  • email the chord charts to other iReal Pro app users;
  • export them in image format for other users or for printing;
  • post them to the forums and share your songs with the Internet;
  • create the MusicXML file to open it in the notation software;
  • create the studio file (WAV or MIDI formats)

Bottom line

The iReal pro music book & play along program is one of the best apps for novice and professional musicians. No wonder that it has very high rating among the users (4.5 stars).

This application makes practicing much more fun: there is no longer need to use a metronome. It can act as a chords book or a band in your pocket, because it has more than 35 different styles of accompaniment and a wide variety of musical instruments. Since the app is available on the PC, mobile phone or tablet, musicians might bring their band everywhere they want.

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