HDDTechnologies are developing rapidly and manufacturers are trying to surprise their customers by making an upgrade of familiar things. So today, we will discuss the Bluetooth external hard drive for Android.


The advantages

Hard drives are very functional and easy to use. Today, they are fitted with a large number of memory where you can store your data and forget about the lack of space.

Such hard drives can be used at home to store photographic and video archives, as well as the rest of the important files. They are also a wonderful discovery for travel enthusiasts – you will always have something to watch on the road.

Technologies to help

The availability of the wireless module that is built into the hard drive is very convenient. It can be Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Thus, there is no need to clutter the space with unnecessary wires.  In addition, the most convenient thing is that you can connect directly to your smartphone or tablet.

However, the use of Bluetooth technology has a significant drawback – the speed of the data transmission. You will be very limited in time and speed of file transfer from an external drive on your mobile device. However, you will not have any problems with stream viewing from the hard drive, if you previously uploaded the files from a PC via USB-interface.

Note that these devices are equipped with built-in battery, so that the user can have access to his files no matter where he is, in the car or on the nature.

The average battery life of devices (including devices from manufacturers such as Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi) in the active mode is approximately 6 hours, which is an acceptable figure. In standby mode, they can work 200-250 hours.


Actions on the hard drive:

  1. Turn on the hard drive.
  2. Activate the Bluetooth discovery mode according to instructions.

Actions on the smartphone:

  1. Go to the “Settings”.


  2. Press «Bluetooth».


  3. Move the slider in the active position.


  4. Click “Search for devices”.


  5. In the list, click the model of your hard drive.

    Hdd on

  6. The pair will be created.


If the connection was successful, the disk will appear as a new external hard drive – it can be viewed in the file explorer on your phone / tablet.

Now you can start using the hard drive. If you were careful and followed the above instructions, everything will be OK.

Bluetooth external hard drive for Android: Video

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