There is a very common question: is it possible to use Android as a Wi-Fi repeater? It is quite convenient function that will Android as Wi-Fi repeaterextend the coverage area of a wireless network at home. At the same time there will be no additional financial costs because there are smartphones or tablets based on Android OS in almost every home.


How to use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi repeater

It often happens that the signal from the router is not strong enough and there may be disconnections on the PC. In this case, we need a repeater – a device that completely duplicates the radio signal, extending the range of the router. But we first need to buy such a device. What should we do if we don’t have a repeater or another router to organize the bridge?

In this case, your smartphone comes to help. You can use your Android phone as a Wi-Fi repeater. But there are certain limitations: such opportunities are not available on all smartphones; they only exist in Android versions 4+. Moreover, there are no built-in utilities, so you will have to install the special application that allows working with Wi-Fi module and extending its functionality.

There are many of these programs, but not all of them are equally effective and stable. The FG router utility has the most extensive range of functions. But this app needs the Root rights; otherwise it will not have the range of options that you need.

Installing the FG Router application

Also note that the Wi-Fi repeater for Android will not work on every phone. In addition to the above requirements, some smartphones are equipped with wireless adapters that do not support such capabilities. And this is a hardware component that cannot be changed with the application.

So, follow three steps to organize the Wi-Fi repeater:

  1. Installing the appropriate application. You can follow this link to find the installation on Google Play. The program is called FG Router 2. 

  2. Or you can download it at the following link: Fqrouter-latest. Here you can also find a brief description and users’ experience about working with this program. After downloading the setup file, copy it into the memory of the gadget and launch it.

  3. Next, open the utility.

  4. It now remains to just turn on the corresponding function.

Fqrouter app

IMPORTANTThe version on Google Play does not work on Android 4.4 or above unless your device has already been rooted.

fqrouter can make your mobile able to access restricted websites such as youtube/twitter from China. Besides that, it can also turn your mobile into a router sharing the free internet to other devices, if you have already [ROOT] your mobile.

Activation of translation on Aandroid

The application has a simple interface. In case of any difficulty, just carefully read the message on the screen.

[Note] that you can find a lot of similar applications in the Google Play. However, most of them do not work, and those that operate only allow distributing mobile Internet. But this feature can be turned on without third-party programs. But only a few of the suggested tools can make a Wi-Fi repeater from Android devices and, as a rule, such opportunities are only available in the paid versions of applications.

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