In this article we will talk about the name of the Android device. We will analyze where you can see it, how many of names there are, why you need it and how it can be changed to the desired one, if there is such a need.


Why do we need it?

The name is necessary in order to identify, for example, a tablet among similar devices. It can be seen when the device is connected to a PC via USB in the storage mode. Other devices that are connected with your device through Bluetooth also see it.

There is also another name for Wi-Fі. If you have created a wireless Wі-Fi network, that is, when the gadget is the access point, the network can be identified by this name.

How can you change these names?

This can be done in several ways, the end result will be the same, and you have to choose the one closest to you.

The first method

To do this, you will need a computer with a browser, connected to the Internet.

  1. Launch your web browser on your PC and type: gоаnager
  2. Log in your account by entering your login and password.Note: Make sure that the account on Android is the same as the one shown in the browser.
  3. Next to the name of the device, click the down arrow.
  4. Click on the “pencil” in front of the device to open the name editing.
  5. Write a new name of the Android.

Note: The changes can come into effect not immediately but after a while.

The second method

In this case, the setting is performed on the device.

  1. Open the settings on your device.
  2. Select the line “About phone”.
  3. Click “Device Name” to open the editing window.
  4. Change it to any other, and then click OK.

How to change the name of the access point

Here we will explain how to change the Wi-Fі name on Android. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Android Settings.
  2. Go to “Tethering”.
  3. Tap “Wi-Fi access point”.
  4. Select “Create Wi-Fi access point”.
  5. In the window that opens, in the “Wi-Fi name (SSID)” line, write any desired name to change the name of the Wi-Fі on Android.

How to rename the network name of Android

This is the name that appears in the menu of the router, and identifies the network name of your device.

If you need to change the network name of Android, do the following.

You can do it using 2 methods. Both require ROOT rights.

The first method

  1. Enable Wі-Fi on Android.
  2. Launch terminal.
  3. Write “su” in terminal
  4. Next, write: setprоp net.hostname new_name.
  5. To check whether the changes took effect, you need to write “getprop net.hostname”.

The second method

  1. Download the app “Change Hostname” .
  2. Enter the desired name in the line “Host name”.
  3. Press “Generate”.
  4. Apply your changes by clicking the “Change”.

Note: This change can lose when you reboot the device.

Operations with the Android name: Video

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