Mobile users very often have wifi problems after android update. The problems can differ from one another. Some users can’t connect to some previously successfully connected networks, and the other can’t activate wifi module on the device. Let’s analyze how to deal with it.


Situations and methods of their solutions

You must understand that wifi problems after android update are very often connected with tablet or phone software, that’s why you shouldn’t think that you have something broken. At first take a look at how incorrectly wifi works.

If there is no connection to specified access points

It often happens that the device can’t connect to some access points, at the same time on the display it is showed “Authentication error” or endless “Obtaining of IP address”.

Authentication error

If the problem is in authentication, it means that during updating the password could be lost or corrupt. You can try to enter once more the network password to which you want to connect.

Enter once more the password

When it is showing “Obtaining of IP address” for a long time,

and there is no connection, we advise you to make the next settings:

  1. In the list of access networks select the necessary one by long-tap.
  2. In the popup window select “Forget network”.

    Forget network

  3. Search for Wi-Fi networks again.

    Search network again

  4. Reconnect to just forgotten network.

    Wi-Fi networks

Such actions reset settings of a given point, and it can solve the problem.

There is a connection, but there is no Internet

It happens that you connect, but practically tabs in the browser or Google Play download nothing. It means that something is wrong with the proxy settings. For solving the problem do the following:

  1. Select the network name, to which you are connected.
  2. Tap “Modify network”
  3. Select “Show advanced options”

    Show advanced options

  4. Make sure that in “Proxy settings” “None” is selected. If it is “Manual”, then this is the reason for the lack of Internet access. Select “None”.

    Proxy settings

  5. Save the settings.

Likewise if you are connected to the access point, but your browser can not get to the page, the problem may be in the wrong date on the Android device. Make sure that you have the right date, because after the updating it can be reset to the firmware one. To change the date, you should:

  1. Go to the device settings.

    Device settings

  2.  Select “Date and time”
  3. Select “Automatic date and time”, or set it manually by tapping “Date settings”.

    Date and time

More rare problems

If you didn’t find the solution in the above-mentioned items, but you are sure that android wifi doesn’t work due to update, maybe, a new firmware changed broadcasting frequency on the mobile device. If the failure is present, you will have to change the router settings.

  1. Go to the administrative router menu via a browser. To do this for most devices in the browser type
  2. Go to the wireless network settings “Wireless”.
  3. Change the broadcast channel (Channel) to any other and save.
  4. Experiment with different channels, maybe, it will solve your problem.

Note: you should understand that such thing can be done on home router, but not in public network, for example, in cafe or airport.

Had nothing helped? You need to make a factory reset on the Android-device, in order to fix system error, which can occur in merging of existing version and a new one. In this case, everything will be reset.

When the above-mentioned is done, but the problem isn’t solved, then the point is in the firmware. This version may consist bugs. In this case, go back to the previous version or install the similar, for example, a custom one and wait for the developers fix the problem.

Android update Wi-Fi problems: Video

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